5 Benefits of the Changing Working World


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Traditional work schedules used to be six days a week, for eight hours per day. Slowly, the United States is moving away from that antiquated work schedule. While we are currently down to five days a week, many companies are actually pushing for four work day weeks. Additionally, many businesses are giving employees the ability to work from home. Some positions are entirely freelance base, meaning they never actually come into the office. These types of positions offer benefits for both the business owner and the employees. However, a task tracking software is necessary in understanding just how beneficial it is.

Employees are more productive
Some employers mistakenly believe that employees will not actually work from home or on shortened office times. Instead, they force employees to spend a minimum number of hours per week at the office. However, a 2013 survey by Gallup found that 70% of American workers are either disengaged or actively disengaged at work. The majority of employees are not actually doing work for all of those hours. Allowing employees to have shortened work weeks can increase productivity and motivation in the workplace. Task tracking software programs can keep track of responsibilities and ensure that all the requires tasks are still getting completed.

Communication with freelance positions
A lot of industries are moving toward the freelance work environment. This means that the worker sets their own price and their own hours and offers a needed skill to the business. The company does not have a say in their time spent working. However, the best process management software programs can improve communication between the freelancer and the business owner. They can ensure that the freelance contractor is completing required tasks in a timely manner. The task tracking software programs give employees control of their own schedules, but also give management the ability to track worth.

Reduction in employee conflict
Not all work industries require that employees work together, or even interact with other another. Yet, the average workplace manager spends 25 to 40% of their time dealing with conflicts. This is a waste on management productivity. Conflict can even arise in telecommute or freelance methods of working. Much of inner office conflict arises from a lack of communication or understanding. Task tracking software and the best project management tools can make the entire communication process easier to follow and easier to manage, thus reducing employee conflict.

Organization of internet communication
The majority of employees today spend at least some of their work day on the internet. They may communicate with coworkers, management, or employees via email. They may be required to follow media management for growth of the business. As technology becomes more and more important, the presence of the internet in the workplace is only expected to grow. In 2015, the number of emails sent and received totaled more than 205 million, which is expected to grow 3% every year for the next four years. An online work order system can organize all of that internet communication. It can make inner office conversations more productive and organized.

Improvement in customer support
Customers often get frustrated when a business has differing policies. They may complain about an issue to one manager and receive a satisfactory solution one day, and then experience an entirely different outcome another day. The best ticketing tools are extremely beneficial when it comes to solving customer problems, or in a customer helpdesk setting. The task tracking software allows different employees to make notes about solutions offered. The customer receives more consistency and is overall, more satisfied.

The working world is not what it once was. Today, many employees work from home, are contracted for a business, or work shortened work weeks in the office. Although this change in working environment offers many benefits to everyone involved, a task tracking software program is needed for organization. This task tracking software keeps everyone on the same page and ensures that the customer receives the best service possible.

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