5 Reasons to Hire a Permit Expediting Services Company

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Building permit expediting

The construction industry in the United States it’s an important influencer of the economy. It has been estimated at least 40% of all homeowners cross country are planning some major renovation this year. Often this process involves remodeling one room. Approximately 31% of homeowners complete renovation did a whole room, making this the most popular kind of the nation. If your business is a construction company you know the time energy energy and effort it takes to begin a project. The first step is often getting the proper permits. If you have been through that process, you know how long and arduous it can be. Delays in the permitting process can delay the start of the project significantly. This is one reason many turn to permit expediting services companies to help get the process of moving faster.

Any construction project is subject to local federal and state regulations, which differ very from one city or town to another. In some areas the permit needed it cost lesson hundred dollars but in others they could be over in thousand to get. This is totally dependent on the locality city or state, the scope of the work to be done, size and value of the work that is going to be completed. It is important to get to know the permitting process if you do any residential construction or renovation projects. Many people do not realize that as 98% of all homes in the United States, which are privately owned properties, are located in areas where permits are issued.

Depending on the work that needs to be done, there are a host of permits you might need to get. There is the building permit itself but then you have electrical permits, shed permits, solar permits and even signage permits. Failure to get anyandnbsp;needed permits can result and hefty fines and otherandnbsp;consequences. This makes it too important for construction companies to get their ducks in row before they begin any project. For some businesses, the headaches involved in filing for their own permits is not worth it. They turn to permit expediting services companies.

In recent years, more and more people and businesses are adding solar panels to their home or company. The federal government and some state governments have done what they could to promote this practice. The typical American home can be powered with a 600 square foot solar panel. The federal government gives subsidies and tax credits that can be as high as 30% of the systems installation cost. Several states offer their own incentives. Because this is a relatively new part of the construction industry, permit expediting services companies can help businesses ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

What does a permit expediter do? How do they help businesses?

  1. The permit expediting services company takes care of getting an filing all the paperwork. Many people find this process to be arduous if not painful. At the very least, they help make sure the owner of a construction company does not have to spend their valuable time getting in filling out paperwork.
  2. Hiring a permit expediting services company can save you money. Generally it will cost between $200 to $400 to hire such a firm to get a contractor permit. Companies that need to file for a larger project are often charged between $1500 and $3500. That is still much less expensive and having to hire staff member simply to work the permit process.
  3. It will get your project started sooner. As is already noted, construction companies cannot begin work until they have gotten all their permits. This may be delays in project commencement five months. All of that is wasted time.
  4. It lets your staff do what they were hired to do. Unless yo au have someone on staff full time to handle permits, you will rely on other skilled staff members to handle the busywork getting all of your paperwork. This is times taken away from their real jobs. Permit expediting services companies handle all that for you.
  5. They let what you love to do. You did not go to construction to spend your days pushing paper. Your time is valuable and they give that back to you.



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