6 Crazy Statistics Behind the Flexible Packaging Industry

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about the flexible packaging industry very often. When you take the time to think about this industry, though, you’ll see that there are actually many ways that flexible packaging products make our lives easier, safer, and healthier. Without these products, our lives would be completely different!

Here are just a few cool statistics that shed some light on how important this industry really is today:

One million: The approximate number of people that the plastic packaging industry employs, which brings a whopping $375 billion into the economy.

30%: The weight percentage that the average milk jug has decreased over the past two decades. This is because flexible packaging companies have been able to design new plastic-based materials and has been able to design new methods of packaging items in bulk so that material is used overall.

1.7 lbs: The amount of food waste that is reduced simply by using one pound of heat-sealed plastic packaging products, like shrink sleeves and pouch packaging. These flexible packaging products help keep food fresh and safe from contamination, which allows consumers to use more of their food instead of throwing it out.

$100 million: The overall plastic packaging industry is expected to grow to this amount by 2018, which would be a major increase from its market value of $74 million in 2012.

26 vs. 1: To transport the same amount of products in glass jars versus in flexible packaging products, it would take 26 trucks to transport the glass jars — but just one truck to transport the items if they’re packaged in plastic packages.

3 years: Contrary to popular belief, many plastic products can actually be recycled again and again instead of being disposed. In fact, the average type of flexible plastic can be reused and repurposed multiple times for about three years.

So now, with some of these statistics in mind, it’s probably time to think about just how much this industry really affects your own daily life!

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