Animals are People Too Why Funerals Aren’t Just a Human Rite Anymore

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Death is a part of life, but it is often a part that comes far too soon for those who must bear the burden of the loss. All too often, decisions must be made at a point in time when grief ought to be the only concern for family and friends. Traditional burials have seen a decrease as many Americans have turned to cremation as an alternative; in fact, over the past decade there has been a 20% national jump in cremation rates according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Here are some facts on cremation and why so many people across the country are turning towards it as an alternative to traditional burials.

The Origins of Cremation

Although it is unclear when or how the practice first took place, by the time the Roman Empire rose to power during the 1st century BC cremation was already widespread. Even then, elaborate vessels and urns were used to store the remains in public buildings not unlike modern mausoleums. Cremation in the United States has grown in popularity, primarily as a response to conservationist movements and over-crowded cemeteries.

A Green Movement

Cremation eliminates the need for non-biodegradable steel caskets, which can significantly cut down on funeral costs. Cremation is not the only eco-friendly alternative, as natural burials can be performed in biodegradable coffins; this can reduce carbon emissions by 50% when compared to traditional burials. The Green Burial Council states that there are over 300 approved eco-friendly burial providers in the United States. Although many consider burial a human rite, pet owners know just how attached families get to their companions; in a word, animals are people too.

Providing a Special Resting Place for Special Companions

Many pet owners have little choice but to bury their pets; thankfully there are special animal urns for ashes that turn cremation into a plausible funerary rite for our animal companions. While the industry standard for a human urn varies based on the individual, the standard for a companion urn is 400 cubic inches. Endearing pet owners will be happy to know that there are memorial keepsakes for ashes including cremation necklaces, ash containers, and elaborate animal urns for ashes that ensure that one’s companion will always be remembered. Likewise, eco-friendly alternatives can include biodegradable urns for those looking to let go, but never forget. Every person handles death differently; there are a myriad of animal urns for ashes available to create a unique and memorable funerary experience that honors beloved pets and helps their owners through the grieving process.

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