The Increasing Popularity of Urn Pendant Jewelry

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Cremation is a burial method that has been practiced since the Stone Age. In fact, it was the most popular choice during the zenith of the Roman Empire. Ornate urns were commissioned to memorialize the ashes of loved ones. It appears the current world population is following in the Romans’ footsteps. According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) over the last ten years cremation has increased by 20 percent and has doubled over the last two decades. Therefore, many people are now seeking options other than traditional cremation urns and an urn pendant has become a very fashionable memorial selection.

What is Cremation Ash Jewelry?

This type of jewelry was first constructed in the Middle Ages, but did not become readily available to the public, due to its expense, until the Industrial Revolution. The bereavement and stunning sense of loss when a beloved family member, friend or pet leaves us can be overwhelming and these memorial keepsakes were created to soothe that burden. This type of keepsake often aids people in coping with the dismay and desolation they feeling from that substantial of a loss.

Is There A Certain Material for Cremation Keepsakes?

Although many people wear an urn pendant as a necklace, this type of jewelry now can crafted in all shapes and sizes. For example, ashes can be formulated into rings, bracelets, earrings and even cuff links. It is entirely up to the wearer’s preference.

That brings to bear another reason this type of memorial is the latest trend: variety. When it comes to ash cremation jewelry, it can be constructed from gold, silver, ivory, pearls and even formed into carbon diamonds. The design can be selected already formed or be molded according to your loved one’s wishes or your own personal tastes. In other words, creativity can be infused in this process to strengthen the emotional bond with the lost loved one.

Is There a Specific Amount of Ashes Required for These Keepsakes?

Again, this type of jewelry is becoming so frequently purchased because of its flexibility. It is really truly up to you. Many people decide to purchase a traditional urn and use some of the ashes for a jewelry piece as a special remembrance or token of affection. Others choose to forego a cremation urn and use the ashes entirely for several items of jewelry. This would be an excellent option to share this keepsake with others that were also close to you and your loved one.

Are Ash Keepsakes Really That Popular?

In one word yes. Also, people will be turning to this option with more frequency over the coming years. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), more than 56 percent of the population will be cremated by 2020. With cremation on the rise, it is only natural the popularity of ash jewelry, for instance an urn pendant, would follow suit.

Where Can Memorial Jewelry be Ordered or Purchased?

There are a plethora of organizations, companies, craftsman, jewelers and artisans that can make your every dream come true in regards to style, design and price. With such an array of available options, these keepsakes are an exceptional way to not only memorialize your lost loved one, but to cope with your loss or for that of another with unique sympathy gifts.

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