6 Reasons Induction Melting Furnaces Can Benefit Manufacturing

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With its light weight, strength, versatility and sustainability, steel is one of the most popular and efficient building materials on Earth.

The world produced more than 1,600 million tonnes of steel in 2016 alone. Steel is also an eco-friendly material and is the most recycled material on Earth with up to 90 percent recycled content.

In the United States, steel continues to be a popular building material, especially in the construction industry. The United States is one of the top steel-producing industries in the world and employs more than 142,000 people. In 2017, the U.S. produced up to 82 million metric tons of steel and in February 2018, the production of raw steel was up to more than 1.75 million net tons. The U.S. is also the world’s top steel importer. In 2017, the United States imported up to $27 billion worth of steel.

With so much steel being produced, a great deal of it is melted for various manufacturing processes. With the development of new techniques, the process of melting metal has changed and an induction melting furnace is one example of new technology used in melting various metal. There are many benefits to using an induction melting furnace and these include:

  • The melting process can be controlled easier.
  • An induction melting furnace uses electricity, which means it’s clean and efficient.
  • An induction melting furnace uses electromagnets, which can heat and melt metal.
  • The technology used in an induction melting furnace allows for the melting of many metals, such as copper, aluminum, silver and gold.
  • Induction melting furnaces is used in many industries, such as the automotive industry because they don’t take up much space and offer a wide variety of options when dealing with different metals.
  • An induction melting furnace offers a more eco-friendly approach to metal melting. By their very nature, induction melting furnaces are used with an eye toward energy efficiency. As a result, many companies have opted for this method of melting metals in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

If your company is interested in using induction furnaces, this video gives a good idea of how an induction melting furnace can melt steel.

Whether you’re looking for a used induction furnace for sale or induction furnace manufacturers to buy a brand new one, there are plenty of options available online to meet your needs.

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