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6 Ways to Make Your Booth Stand Out

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Setting up an interactive exhibit design can be hard work. There are so many trade show booth designs that are going to be right next to you, it’s important that your work be a custom exhibit design and stand out from the other trade show exhibit designs. The whole point is to promote your business but if no one even realizes that you are there then not only did your interactive exhibit design fail but the whole reason you were at the show to begin with; to network, build relationships and generate leads that could turn in potential business for your company. Trade shows are a great way to promote your small business but you have to have the right kind of booth. Here are a few tips for a great interactive exhibit design for your stand.

Use A Main Object of Attraction
Think about the one thing that you want visitors to take away from your booth. Chances are they will remember graphics or images more than quotes or sayings so try to focus on that. Your choice of attraction may change depending on the show, so don’t get tied down to one thing. Think about this particular trade show and the type of people that will be there and use that to help you make a decision about what type of object or image should be the ‘main attraction.’ Then, focus you interactive exhibit design around that attraction.

Don’t Be Afraid of Empty Space
Not every inch of your exhibit should be filled. In fact, about 40 percent should be empty. What your message doesn’t say is just as important as what it does say. Booths that are completely full can be overwhelming to the eye and make people subconsciously give up taking in information after awhile. You want to be memorable, so having people decide that your booth is over stimulating and walking away would be the worst case scenario.

Make Use of Vertical Space
There are going to regulations about how high your exhibit can reach, so make sure that you are within those specifications. However, using graphics at the highest level you can will attract attention from across the trade show floor. Not everything has to be eye level, in fact it’s better if it’s not. Your booth should stand head and shoulders above other booths, literally speaking. If a visitor can see your both above the crowd and the other booths, it will peak their curiosity enough to come over and check it out, especially if the graphics are interesting enough.

Consider Introducing Technology
Offering Wi-fi to the visitors in your vicinity will help them remember you, especially if you make the name and password something to do with your company. Furthermore, you could forego the password and make it an open network, which everyone will appreciate. Just make sure the name makes it very obvious as to who exactly is providing this service. Offering a place to charge phones or tablets is also a good idea. Any kind of technological convenience will make visitors listen to what you have to say. IT’s almost like they are returning a favor.

Offer a Break Room
Trade shows can be overwhelming and require a lot of on-your-feet time. If you are going to offer a place to charge cell phones, etc., consider blocking off a lounging area where they can sit down in comfy chairs and take a break from the show. This would be a great opportunity for you to talk to them about your business. Make it a casual conversation so they still feel like they are on a break. You could even offer drinks and snacks if the trade show regulations allow it.

Don’t Underestimate Lighting
While you are fairly limited by the lighting situation because you aren’t going to be in your own room, you can install a certain amount of mood lighting over your booth and in your ‘break room’ if you like. LED lights over graphics or black lighting certain areas can be a fun way to stand out from the other booths that are only using the light that the trade show room already provides. Your ‘break room’ should have soft and comforting lighting to allow for relaxation.

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