8 Tips to Help Your Increase Your Visibility on the Web

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No matter what kind of business you are in, if you have a website, you want people to visit it. Increasing a company’s visibility on the web is an important thing that is the reason there are so many search engine optimization (SEO) companies out there. Here are some tips to make sure your efforts to increase your visibility on the web have a chance of working.

  1. Check your website performance and stats. Before you embark on any new SEO campaign or make changes to anything, you need to know where you stand. Start your work by heading over to the Google Webmaster Tools area and register. You will be given a code to upload to your website server. This will get the Google spiders to check out your site and monitor your keywords and their performance. When it comes to gaining visibility on the web, Google is the gold standard. This will give you the information you need to start your SEO and web marketing campaigns.
  2. Never stop monitoring your site. No SEO campaign is ever complete. No campaign that used keywords is finished. You will always be tweaking your campaigns. The keywords that work today may not work in six months. Use monitoring systems and pay attention to the interaction you are having with your visitors and how they are finding your website. There are a number of tools you can use to make sure you are making the most of your keywords and getting the most from your online efforts to increase your visibility on the web.
  3. Research your keywords. Using the right keywords in the right way is one key part of any decent SEO strategy. It has been found that at least 93% of all internet experiences are started with a search engine search. At least three quarters of people never make it past the first page of the search engine search page. When you are working on your marketing efforts, you need to make sure you are using the right keywords.
  4. Use your keywords everywhere. It should be a given that your keywords need to be in your content. You also need to make sure you use them in tags, headings, page titles and the URLs. When you use images, you should include your keywords in the cations, descriptions and image names. Search engines cannot index images, they can only find text so make it easier for them and you will be able to increase your web visibility.
  5. Produce new content regularly. No matter what people may say, content is still king. You need to update your website with new content that will attract search engine spiders and will bump up your site in the search engine search results. As you add new content, you need to use new keywords. This keeps your website from becoming stale and outdated. Remember, you can also repurpose older content that may still be popular with your visitors.
  6. Get your social media channels involved. Your social media posts are indexed by the search engines and can pop up in search engine searches. Use your keywords and include links to the parts of your website that are germane to your social media posts. This will increase your traffic and help with inbound links to your site, which is something search engines like so it can bump you up in the search engine search results.
  7. Make your site look great on mobile devices. A few years ago, the number of people who accessed the internet from their mobile device surpassed the number of people who were getting online on their computers. If your website does not look great on mobile devices, you are missing out on a huge segment of the population. If you run a local business, you really need to have your site look great on mobile devices.
  8. Make sure your site loads quickly. You have four seconds to have your page load. If it takes longer than that, most people will give up and go someplace else.

Finding ways to get people to visit websites is an art, not a science. If you spend some time on it, your online marketing strategy can work.

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