Upgrade Your Storage Needs to the 21st Century

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Technology is changing at such a rapid pace it is almost impossible to keep up with on a day to day basis. Consider that a mere 10 years ago, no person could have ever fathomed the current capabilities of our cellular phones. It actually seems that making calls is the least common thing cellular phones are used for these days. In effect each day we walk around with an such a vast amount of information, right at our fingertips, that would have at one time filled up several industrial warehouse spaces full of books and encyclopedias.

In 1995 would any one have believed that the internet could be used for so much more than petty tasks and distractions. Likewise when Facebook was launched among college campuses was there even an inkling that it would herald an all encompassing social shift. As with any progress there are always growing pains and learning curves. Technology has changed the world for the better, but what effect is it having on the small business in America.

A Place for Small Businesses in the Fast Paced Tech World

In many ways the internet has been a godsend in terms of providing visibility for business, especially for small local businesses. Rather than spending money on newspaper ads and radio spots, a small business can have a successful marketing approach by only using their computer. But likewise the internet in many ways has also made certain things obsolete. Consider how long it used to take to get a package. With many online vendors all you need to do is order and in a couple of hours your item will be on your doorstep. While this may not be the most ideal situation for brick and mortar stores, it also present an opportunity as well.

Changing Times Mean Changing Needs

For a small business, renting an industrial warehouse space is an important step towards growth. But now, due to certain consignment programs, businesses are finding that while determining warehouse space needs, they need much less. Especially if they work in tandem with larger companies that employ warehouse networks akin to Amazon. It is a marked change from the days of small businesses having to go through the steps of finding a warehouse to rent. With the rise of the internet even the most modest business can sell their product remotely, cutting down on transport costs. It begs the question, what are the next steps for companies such as Amazon that have changed the paradigm of the distribution warehouse space and commercial warehousing?

If you have been paying attention to the technology trends in the last five years you have probably been exposed to drones. Many are speculating that drones will be the new delivery method. Imagine fleets of quad copters leaving from industrial warehouse spaces, taking to the sky to delivery various and sundry packages to the consumer. In many ways this is the most exciting time for business and the intersection of technology since the advent of mechanization.

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