A Guide on How to do Ceiling Draping for Your Events

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Every year, about 2.4 million weddings occur in the United States. Ceiling draping is an amazing way to set up a fascinating space in your events. It creates a stunning focal point in your event. By covering plain ceiling, you will ultimately have an exquisite scene regardless of the fabric choice.

Creating a perfect ambiance for your guests to have fun as they enjoy palatable drinks and mouthwatering cuisines is one of the important aspects in any event. Ceiling draping fabric decorates your event space and creates a lavish impression. Draping exudes elegance and charm.

The most popular fabrics for ceiling draping are sheer lightweight materials. It is critical to use lightweight material because heavy fabrics are demanding to hang up. Worse still, they can bring down the ceiling. The good thing is that you can easily find airy, beautiful, light, and soft fabrics in the market today. These materials match perfectly with light and look incredible.

If you plan to use LED light to light up your ceiling drapes, sheer fabric is your best color choice. Otherwise, white will do perfectly well if you will not use any lighting. White is a perfect color for weddings and galas. However, draping fabrics are available in myriad colors ranging from blue to ivory and champagne.

How to Go about Ceiling Draping

Before you start draping process, determine the type of ceiling and establish suitable attachment points. Measure the venue size and ensure you have accurate measurements. Analyze the place well. This helps you correctly do your interior decoration. It is a requisite step before you set out to buy voile drapes or ceiling. Voile is the most preferred drape thanks to its top-notch quality finishing.

The next step is determining the center of the room or hall. Determining the center is critical part of the decoration as it gives you a good idea of how to decorate the walls.

It is important to get flame retardant ceiling draping. In fact, the fire marshal may require you to use ceiling drapes that are flame retardant.

While some fabric will look elegant even when used alone, strategically place lighting can enhance the drapes look. White fabrics go well with lighting. Another great choice for illumination is Voile. Its reflective quality complements LED lights. It also produces a twinkling element when used with conventional string light. The sheer fabric looks great alone if you are not planning in using any light.

When decorating your ceiling, ensure it coordinates well with the wedding theme. An office-type ceiling that features a metal border offers unmatched versatility. Check out for any major obstructions. Pipes and HVAC ducts may affect how you hang ceiling drapes.


After analyzing and deciding on several things, you now get to real work, draping. Establish the exact point to put up a ball light hanging which will be the ceiling draping base. Then fix the hanging. The next thing is to drape the ceiling and ensure it touches corners of the wall. Lastly, hang your drapes to the wall.

What drape style do you want? There are a variety of styles, including banners, canopy, and octopus. Ceiling draping kits will make it easier to style your ceiling drapes.


The focus of this wedding draping style is on a distinct centerpiece. The center can be a chandelier, a sturdy aluminum hoop, or a planter.

Color Drapery

Ivory and white are the most common ceiling drapes. However, there is a wide array of other draping options. Ceiling draping kits comes in handy when dealing with unexpected color. It can help you make a popping room decoration.

Incorporate Backdrops

Incorporating backdrops drapes in your ceiling create a magical atmosphere with a theatrical appearance at your event. Ceiling draping kits will help you make a seemingly hard task a breeze.

It is important to have set aside enough time for ceiling drapes installation. Ensure you get a head start if you are using ceiling draping kits that has a hoop/ring. Take this time to position the pins or putting swags on hoops. This reduces the time required for installation.

Make your event unforgettable by fixing ceiling draping. With ceiling draping kits, you work will be easier, thus reducing your event planning stress.

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