A High Utility Bill Is Often A Sign Your Home Needs Maintenance What A Contractor Can Do For You

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Your home isn’t perfect. There are always little cracks and spots that need buffing out.

Why not call your residential electrical contractor and make sure none of these small issues become big problems? They can do a whole host of useful check-up sessions for your home, ranging from air conditioning repair to commercial reverse osmosis. This will save you time, money, and frustration when the weather becomes less agreeable. You can even ask for maintenance tips! There are few downsides to meeting up with a professional who knows home upkeep inside and out.

Here are five ways you can save money this year while keeping your family’s health at the forefront.

Indoor Air Pollution Can Be Improved With A Little HVAC Repair

Does your home feel musty far too often for your liking? Do you worry about potential allergies growing under your nose? You’ll want to double-check your HVAC system and make sure it’s doing its job right — not only is it supposed to regulate temperature, it’s also supposed to trap airborne contaminants. These include pollen, dirt, dander, bacteria, and dust, among other things. Two-thirds of all American homes have air conditioners, but only some get them serviced on a yearly basis.

Avoid No Heating Or No Cooling Emergencies With Upkeep

A residential electrical contractor can make sure your home systems are doing their job year-round. While they can appear to work just fine on the surface, small problems can crop up that cost you money. New air conditioners today use 50% less energy than they did in the 90’s, but it’s still common for households to skip maintenance. Getting your air conditioner serviced regularly can spot potential problems like clogged filters or duct leaks. How would you live with 10% or more shaved off your monthly bills?

Improve Your Water Quality And Safety With A New Installation

Alongside improving your commercial air conditioner you can take a look at your water. Clean water is essential to live a healthy life, yet many people don’t realize their water quality is in need of improvement. A recent study found 85% of American homes have hard water — this is used to refer to high levels of calcium and magnesium, manifesting as a scummy white residue on your bathtub or sink. A new water filter can catch excess minerals and clear that up before you take a drink. Reverse osmosis is a useful feature you can use to help clear out bacteria, as well, and has been used since the 1970’s.

Reduce Those Utility Bills With A Check-Up

If your bills remain high no matter what you do, you’re more in need of a check-up than you think. This is a common sign several parts of your home are compromised by inefficient systems. A running toilet leaks up to 200 gallons of water every day, for starters, and a leaky faucet can use up 100 gallons of water in a day. Fixing these easily corrected leaks can save you 10% or more on your bills. How often you inspect your electrical and plumbing systems will depend on how old your home or building is, as well as how many appliances you have.

Saving Money With Regular Visits From Your Commercial Electrician

You can save money even as you spend it. Checking your home for maintenance is how you make sure all working parts are flowing in tandem, rather than siphoning your hard-earned dollars right out from under you. A residential electrical contractor can either check out your home or refer you to a specialist depending on what they find. You’ll do the essential work of improving your home’s health with little improvements here and there. Most commercial buildings today see HVAC systems accounting for 40% to 60% of energy consumption.

If that sounds like a lot, reach out to your residential electrical contractor or commercial plumbing services. It’s worth the call. Always!

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