A Modern Way To Promote A Classic Message The Digital Display Screen For Small Businesses

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Advertising is a necessary part of running a successful business. People can’t buy from you and spread the good word if they don’t know about your brand, after all.

Which way of advertising is most effective, though? This is a question that small businesses ask themselves on a daily basis, even if they’ve been established for years. Some prefer to go the classic route with on-site signs and custom glass door signage, particularly if there’s a lot of nearby foot traffic. Others push a more modern appeal with digital display screens. As long as you’re doing your best to portray a consistent message, you’re already on the right track.

Clear price tag sleeves or digital display screens? Let’s take a look at which signs hold up in today’s fast-paced, highly modernized marketplace.

Fast Facts About Today’s Advertising Challenges

You’re right to be concerned about your advertising challenges. According to 2014 data, there are around 30,000 SKUs launched every year — that’s a pretty hefty number already that doesn’t take into account all the pre-existing products. It’s estimated consumers are exposed to 3,000 advertisements and promotional messages every second, to boot. Standing out doesn’t mean making the most noise. It means portraying a consistent message across all channels and using your resources to the furthest of their ability.

The Modern Appeal Of The Digital Display Screen

Why not step things up a notch with a modern sign solution? The digital display screen is functional in two ways — it’s both visually appealing and highly customizable, two great things to bolster your business needs. These can take the form of creative retail displays by the front door, such as an LED sign facing the street. They can also take the form of large on-site signs that change logo, color, and animation depending on the season. There’s nothing like a little digital sheen to cure what ails you.

Furnishing The In-Store Experience With Varied Signage

Customers don’t want to be nagged by part-time workers as they make their purchase. Help them help themselves with flexible signage that communicates the information they need. According to several studies from Brigham Young University, merchandise with signage outsells merchandise without a sign by 20%. Even full-priced merchandise will still exceed 15% on average. Acrylic door sign holders, clear price tag sleeves, and clear window decals are all great options to choose from.

Custom Glass Door Signage Offers A Strong First Impression

It’s not just your digital display screen that will catch a customer’s eye. It’s the full package, from window to the little hang tag sleeves along the aisles. Glass door signage is a staple of many mom and pop stores, particularly when they get festive and creative. Consider hiring a local painter to do some unique artwork or promoting an employee to a part-time artist. You’ll be surprised by how much intrigue you can encourage with a more fanciful touch.

Encourage Impulse Buys With A Brochure Holder Stand

People love free stuff. This couldn’t be more clear than brochure display racks, able to be situated near the door or over by the first row of aisles. These can hold all sorts of local goodness — these include (but aren’t limited to) indie zines, local newspapers, international newspapers, flyers, and concert posters. Between six and 10 purchases in a store can be classified as an impulse buy, according to studies. Having something free on hand is a great way to get customers in the buying spirit.

Advertise well. Advertise often. Digital display screens and clear plastic hanging signs are a way to keep your message strong no matter how it’s received.

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