Why a Job Agency should be Your Go-to Fortress for Top Hires

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Most startups and newly established entrepreneurs often make the mistake of going into business thinking that everyone, including the most talented job candidates, will be excited to work with them. Unfortunately, this is often not the case as some of the most talented people often have a ton of great offers going their way. While increasing the incentive package as part of an offer might help, it’s often not enough to win them over, as other bigger names rooting for the same talent can do that and more. So what can you as a business owner seeking to employ the best talent in the market do to get the best hires? Well, while there are plenty of strategies you could take on, you should start by employing the help of a job agency.

Why a Job Agency is Your Best Option When Looking for Top Industry Talent

Employees are pivotal to the growth and success of a business. Therefore, you should strive to employ only the most talented. However, as noted, doing so is easier said than done. But using a recruiting agency makes it a tad easier for the reasons outlined below.

The Best Candidates often Work with Staffing Agencies

Most active and entry-level job seekers often rely on free job-seeking websites to find work. However, the experienced candidates, for instance, those with three to four years of experience, have been in the job market long enough to know that such websites don’t often yield great results. So a majority of the industry’s most talented candidates usually prefer to work with staffing agencies as they know they will score more attractive job offers here. As a result, you are more likely to find qualified hires when you work with job agencies in Dallas because here is where the best candidates set camp.

Job Agencies Recruit from both the Active and Passive Markets

Another reason why you are more likely to recruit top talent when you work with a job placement agency is that they recruit from both active and passive markets. Also, since their success is based on your success, these agencies only accept the best candidates. Hence, even if you are hire an active candidate from them, you can be confident that they will deliver and are among the best market talents.

They have Skills and Resources to Get You Passive Candidates

Looking to draw top talent from your competitors? If yes, then you already know that doing that on your own is close to impossible as you’ll be practically trying to convince someone who’s not looking to consider your job offer.

The good news, however, is you have higher chances of getting that candidate you’ve been eyeing when you use a staffing service. Why? As noted, job agencies often recruit from both active and passive markets. They boast a rich network of passive candidates, which is more likely to include that candidate you’re targeting.

Also, since they specialize in recruiting, employment agencies usually have more time, skills, and the resource to sway and talk that passive candidate you want into taking your offer. Simply put, you stand a higher chance of getting high-quality passive hires when you let an agency do the hard work for you.

Higher Retention Rate

Employee retention is one of the biggest challenges facing business today. According to studies, $11 billion is lost every year due to employee turnover, while 22% of newly hired employees often quit within the first 45 days. Most of the employees usually quit due to conflict of interests, or because they feel the working environment doesn’t suit them. For instance, a highly skilled employee might call it quits after a few days of working with you because your company’s culture doesn’t fit them.

Job agencies usually eliminate such scenarios. They have been in the job market long enough to know what the candidates look for in an employment opportunity and what you, as the business owner wants in potential employees.

Therefore, they will not only match you with top talent but with candidates whose interests align with yours. Hence increasing smooth-sailing working relationships and consequently higher retention rates.

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