A Short Guide to Common Business Sign Styles

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Since signs are everywhere these days, it’s probably more important than ever that business signage is complete and effective. Part of making sure that signage is effective means that the right types of signs need to be used for the message they are meant to communicate and where the sign is going to be placed. Here are three of the most common types of business signs and how they are typically used.

Channel Letter Signs
Channel letter signs are three-dimensional sign elements. They are typically cut from metal like aluminum (because it’s unlikely to rust) and a plastic face is installed in the front of it to create the message or images. The plastic is illuminated from inside the channel letter, typically with LED lights. These types of signs are generally used for the main signs at a business that read the business’s name.

LED Display Signs
Another common type of business sign is LED display signs, which are available in a few different forms. There are two main types of LED panels, and three main styles of LED lights: light bar, dot matrix, and seven segment. Each of these works better for a different type of message or image. Seven segment style is typically used for things like sports scoreboards, a light bar is effective for back lighting another type of sign, and a dot matrix is good for more complex messages.

Projecting Blade Signs
Blade signs, or projecting blade signs, are signs that stick out perpendicularly from the side of a building or a corner. These are often used when businesses are between others and not a freestanding building, but since signs can be affixed to pretty much anywhere business owners aren’t limited if they do choose to use them. It’s just important to consider where people will be viewing the sign from.

Do you have any tips for choosing the right sign style and design for a business? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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