Above Ground Storage Tanks Storing the Materials That Make America Great

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Above ground storage tanks (AST) store the materials that keeps American running. From liquid fertilizers for farmers and industrial chemicals for manufacturers to oil and foodstuffs for the general public, AST units store everything a society needs in order to function. These steel storage tanks enable industries to store and transport materials for long periods of time. Without them, much of the country’s output simply wouldn’t be possible.

Liquid fertilizer tanks and other AST units do a lot for us and, in turn, need a lot of work from us. Building, maintaining, and inspecting these tanks is a big business. The government and industry leaders are actively involved in making sure they function properly. AST owners must follow strict protocols as outlined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) when building and using these tanks. Storage tank construction in itself has many codes to follow, and AST owners, once the tanks are built, are responsible for maintaining and inspecting them. API-653 inspections for storage tanks are particularly important for AST owners; they must follow the outlines accordingly.

The guidelines are impressive in their thoroughness. AST owners, for example, are required to report any leaks or spills over five gallons of petroleum or any hazardous materials. In addition, all AST units are required to have a containment area surrounding them capable of handling 100% of the tanks contents in case of leakage or spills. The units must also have a 10% capacity for these containment areas when exposed to precipitation. API-653 inspections for storage tanks, in addition, must be conducted in order for the tanks to be used. Although the requirements vary state by state, AST owners must keep them in mind.

For inspections, repairs, and other services, AST companies are there to help. For more information about these companies, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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