Three Easy Green Shipping Practices


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There are three main reasons that businesses choose to start shipping greener. Shipping green is cheaper in some ways, it’s better for the environment, and it also looks good and exhibits corporate social responsibility. Actually doing it though, is a different story. Though there are a number of ways for a business to overhaul their overall practices to become green, here are a few easy ways to start with the shipping department.

1. Avoid overnight shipping.
Many businesses offer an overnight shipping option, which is great for customer service. It’s usually a little pricier, but some customers are willing to pay to get the item they need when they need it. Overnight shipping is also pricey for the business(and leads to higher, rather than lower parcel prices) and bad for the environment — because many times it’s sent by airplane which uses more fuel than ground. Don’t offer overnight shipping, or only offer it during times like the holidays when customers are more eager to get their purchases.

2. Don’t ask for returns.
Another one of the easiest green initiatives to start using in your shipping department is not to ask for a product back when it comes to returns. In some cases, it’s more costly for the customer and the business to ship back a damaged or defective product than it is just for the customer to keep it or throw it away. Additionally, sending things back and forth between customers and businesses will release more harmful emissions into the environment.

3. Pack smart.
Part of controlling transportation costs is using smart logistic freight solutions, but green initiatives in the shipping department start with packing. Using environmentally friendly packing materials and training a team to package things using the least amount of materials and in the most efficient ways possible is going to make a big difference. Fewer boxes and loads can also help reduce freight prices as well.

Do you have any other tips for making sure your business uses green shipping practices? Feel free to share your ideas and experience with us in the comments section below.

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