Advantages of Phone Booth Office Design

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One of the things that employees experience once you build a phone booth in the office is the new found privacy that is not common on an open-plan office design. In the past, it was often though that once employees have their own private space in the office, they are likely to slack off. On the contrary, a private working area can significantly improve employees’ performance and productivity in the office. The independence that comes with a phone booth office design is the reason why more businesses are adopting this type of design. The idea is that working without others listening can improve performance in that it gives an individual the independence to engage potential business leads without the fear of being judged or criticized. For example, an employee might feel more at ease in a soundproof office booth building rapport with a potential client than they would feel in the company of their colleagues. Just knowing that you are working from a soundproof phone booth can greatly reduce the stress levels commonly associated with an open-plan office design.

Need to Cut Unnecessary Noise
One of the major benefits of a phone booth office design is of course cutting out unnecessary noise. There are people who can hardly concentrate when working in a noisy environment. This can greatly affect the productivity of an employee meaning that in the long run, the overall output towards the business is reduced. In a typical office environment, endless phone calls and video conferences are the order of the day. When everyone in the office is on the phone or taking a conference call, the whole office environment can be quite stressing. The concept of a phone booth office design is to address the challenge of noise distraction. If you are in an office where everyone is talking on the phone, it also becomes a challenge to even hear your own calls. It also increases the stress level as you will be required to put in some extra effort to concentrate on your output. This is why having a soundproof booth can make the difference between noise distraction and an effective office environment. Considering that different people have different levels of concentration, you might want to consider having a soundproof phone booth for office will ensure that the productivity of each person working at the office is at optimum level.

Office Booths Give Back Control to Employees
One of the disadvantages of an open-plan office design is that employees develop a feeling of helplessness over time. This feeling emanates from being unable to change the work environment. If it is noise that they are encountering, there is little or nothing that they can do about it. From a psychological perspective, this feeling of helplessness affects productivity. Subconsciously, employees would wish to work in a less-distracting environment. They would also wish to have some more privacy if need be. When you introduce a phone booth office design, you give back control to the employees. They now feel like they have a choice about the work environment. This ultimately works as a morale booster that is important in any business environment since greater job satisfaction is what motivates people to improve productivity. Whereas the office design of choice depends on so many factors such as cost, size of the office and the number of employees, there is no doubt that a private working space can significantly improve productivity. It is also a great way of appreciating the privacy of the employees while they are working. Instead of thinking that private spaces often encourage slacking off, the results are actually the other way round.

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