Become More Productive With Soundproof Office Booths

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Is your office too noisy? Do you wish you could make a phone call without hearing your co-workers chatter in the background? Soundproofing can help reducing employee stress by up to 27%, while decreasing 51% of distracting conversations and ambient sound. Creating a soundproof office phone booth can have many benefits, a few of them include:

  • A soundproof phone booth can allow you to speak to customers and clients without interruption, or unnecessary distractions. This can also be beneficial if you conduct a lot of conference calls with other locations or higher management. With a soundproof office booth the sound is contained to your location, without reverberation that can cause interruption when on a phone call. The reduction of distractions can allow you to focus specifically on the customer you’re speaking with, to ensure they are completely satisfied and will use your business again. You may not think this type of service is overly important, but $62 billion in sales revenue is lost due to poor customer service interactions. Customers want to feel valued, and by being able to focus on answering their questions, or resolving their problems you can help make them return buyers.
  • A soundproof office booth can also help eliminate stress. This works by being able to focus on, and complete tasks efficiently, without constantly starting and stopping because of distractions. Having to consciously focus on tuning out the surrounding din can take away from the task at hand, and lower your productivity. A soundproof booth can lower errors by up to 10%, meaning you can deliver better quality work over all.

How To Soundproof an Office Room

There are many options to consider when thinking about creating a soundproof office phone booth. You could invest in foam tiles that absorb reverberations, and block incoming and outgoing sound. You might also consider using a sound absorbing paint. While you may not think paint would do the trick, the market of soundproofing paint is estimated to be around $200 million, with projected growth of 30 to 50% every year. If you’re not overly fond of the look of foam panels, paint may be the best option for you.


Soundproof office phone booths can be the solution to lowering workplace stress, errors, and lacking customer service. When you are able to focus better, you also lower the chance of making easily avoidable errors. Not only will employees thank you for the quieter and more conducive environment, but your customers will as well.

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