Are You Paying Too Much For Gas and Electricity?


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The polar vortex and record low temperatures hiked up energy bills this winter, and — for the first time in months — homeowners will see a decrease in their April utility bills, The Times Union reports. The drop, however, may not be enough. With electricity bills averaging out to $95.66 — or more — many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and high energy costs are part of the problem. Here are some unique ways to save on electric bills:

Start With a Green Thumb

Planting trees is environmentally friendly, improves the aesthetics of your yard, and it can save you a considerable amount on electricity bills, too. According to The Press of Atlantic City three trees can slash energy bills by as much as 30%! The initiative may, experts conceded, take some patience. Saplings take approximately 10 years to grow to full height. Planting trees remains cost-effective and eco-friendly for those planning to stick around long-term, though.

Ditch Your Electric and Gas Provider

If your rates remain unreasonably high, you may want to consider changing electricity providers. Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusets, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, or District of Columbia residents have the freedom to choose electricity providers that best suit them. In other words, homeowners can choose the gas and electric providers that offer the best rates, competitive payment plans, or green energy incentives. Compare electricity providers online, or call providers directly for more information.

Paint Your Roof

“More than one-sixth of all electricity consumed in the U.S. is for air conditioning, but you can reduce that percentage — and save money and help cool the planet — simply by painting your roof,” The Mother Nature Network (MNN) explains. A white roof can reduce energy bills by as much as 20%, MNN continues. Consumers can also choose cool roof coatings and energy efficient window coatings that reduce air conditioning costs.

Many Americans’ wallets are still recovering after paying winter electric bills. Save some extra cash by planting trees, painting your roof, or switching gas and electric providers.

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