Benefits of Using Custom Liners for Water Storage Tanks


Underground storage tanks are used for many different materials including oil, chemicals, wastewater, grey water, and potable water. Most tanks above a certain size are subject to federal regulations. But even if they are not subject to regulations, underground storage tanks should be protected against leaks and spills. Containment products like water tanks liners can help to increase the longevity as well as safety of storage tanks.

Do water storage tanks need liners?
Underground storage tanks have been used to store water for a long time. Some tanks that are still in use are as old as a hundred years. Over time, the walls of the storage tanks tend to deteriorate, and may cause leaks and spills into the surrounding earth. This can cause contamination if the tanks are being used to store grey water or wastewater.
If the tanks are storing potable water, the contents must be preserved from contamination. In both cases, custom tank liners can help to increase the safety of the storage tanks. Containment products like custom linings and chromium plating can help to stop leaks and contamination. All tanks storing potable water for human consumption need some kind of lining or protective coating.

Choosing the right water storage tank liners
Underground water tanks are made to last for at least twenty years, but using containment products like protective coatings or liners can increase their useful life. Water tank liners are made from different materials like PVC and polyurethane. Custom tank liners can be used for tanks made of steel, wood, plastic, concrete and other materials.
Custom tank liners are made according to the size, configuration and specific requirements of each system. They can be made and fitted to take into account any pipes, fittings and any other items that are part of the system.

Benefits of installing water tank linings
All underground water storage tanks need additional containment products like protective coatings or linings to prevent spills and leaks. Custom tank liners can be made to fit exact specifications, and installed on-site. They can also be made to fit around other installations like pipes and fitting boots.
Tank liners add an extra layer of safety to the stored materials.

Water storage tanks have been used for a long time. Whether they are used to store wastewater, grey water or potable water for human consumption, they must be protected against spills and leaks. Containment products like protective coatings or linings help to improve the safety and longevity of underground water storage tanks.

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