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In this video by Ang Gru, you’ll see a detailed demonstration of how easy it can be to finish the dirty job of grease trap cleaning. A grease trap is critical in preventing greases and other solids from reaching the city’s wastewater disposal system.

Commercial kitchens need to have a grease trap on their establishments as the law requires. Constant cooking generates a lot of fats, oils, greases, and solids (FOGS), of which a large portion ends up in the kitchen drain.

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Therefore, it’s crucial to have a grease trap to keep FOGS from entering the city’s sewage system and clogging it.

Owners of commercial food shops understand the importance of regularly cleaning the grease trap. Depending on how often oil and fatty ingredients are used in the cooking process, you may have to clean the grease trap every one to three months.

Before starting with the grease trap cleaning task, prepare all the necessary gear. The equipment you’ll be needing includes a shop vacuum to suction out the grease, a scraper for cleaning the tank, and a wrench and crowbar if you need them to open and lift the lid of the grease trap.

You will also want to protect your skin and clothes. Wear high-grade rubber gloves for your hands and a jumpsuit or coveralls to prevent the grease from staining your clothes. Also, put on a face mask to avoid the foul odor from overwhelming your sense of smell.


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