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It’s easy to remember to clean your own house; you’re home for a large amount of your life, and there are certain expectations that come with “keep up” a home. Unfortunately, not as many people put thought into keeping their workspaces clean. It doesn’t make sense … after all, many spend just as much time as work as they do at home. But it does happen, with many ignoring the cleaning services readily available. Here’s the question: what kind of work environments need the most cleaning?

Fitness Center Cleaning: A Major Issue

Fitness center cleaning is an often … neglected task, despite the fact that fitness centers are exposed to constant germs and contaminations. Due to the physical activity occurring at the gym, it won’t be long before patrons begin noticing any cleanliness problems. In fact, a survey conducted by Harris Interactive indicated that 88% of adults would stop going to a gym if it seemed unclean, making fitness center cleaning just as good for business as it is for clients. Gym cleaning is so crucial that nine out of ten health club members who believe their clubs are extremely clean are likely to renew their memberships.

Medical Office Cleaning: Undeniably Important

Did you know that almost all workers are worried about catching a virus at work? This is even more understandable for those working in medical offices. Luckily, medical office cleaning services exist specifically for this purpose. Just as gyms have specific cleaning needs, medical offices have requirements that go beyond something a receptionist can accomplish. Both patients and employees will expect professional janitorial services to make sure that those tending to the sick don’t get ill themselves.

School Cleaning: Ensuring Kids Stay Healthy

When parents send their kids off to school, they expect their children to stay free of germs and viruses. Schools, however, often incubate a lot of disease and bacteria that can go completely untouched without the proper school cleaning services. Remember, there’s a lot at stake when school children get sick: missing days of school can lead to days made up during summer school, falling grades, and other complications. And it’s not just the kids you have to worry about, but the teachers and staff as well.

Above all, cleaning is an important part of keeping a workplace running. Not only will people be more likely to come to work if it’s clean; they’ll also be able to come to work in the first place! A dirty office, gym, or school isn’t just unappealing, but physically hazardous. And the last you want, as a boss or an employee, is for someone to turn down your business due to a bad impression. That’s why cleaning should be the first priority at work.

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