3 Reasons the Flexible Packaging Industry will Continue to Grow

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Flexible packaging is a term that has been created to define the different types of plastic-based solutions used especially in food packaging. Things like pouches and sleeves that can take the form of whatever is placed inside.

As important as having a great product is, making it easier to transport and handle can be a selling point for many consumers as well. Flexible packaging solutions are becoming the answer both distributors and customers are preferring. Here are three reasons this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

    1.) Innovation: Perhaps the strongest argument to be made for this type of industrial packaging design is in its innovative and forward-thinking nature. People are constantly looking for the newest and best thing out there. Companies like Kraft and General Mills have utilized this type of material in their food packaging for many years with great success. From chip bags to juice pouches, whatever the best way to deliver a specific product is can probably be achieved in this industry.

    2.) Convenience: Following from the innovation that occurs, the convenience and efficiency by which flexible packaging can perform its function makes it highly marketable. For example, it takes only 1.5 pounds of flexible plastic to carry 10 gallons of liquid. An even more eye-popping comparison is that it would take 26 trucks opposed to one single truck to transport the same amount of product if it was stored in glass jars vs. flexible packaging.

    3.) History:It is said the best way to predict the future is to look at past results. If that hold true this kind of custom plastic packaging will be in a good place. Predictions in the U.S. is that the flexible packaging market will reach $100 million by 2018 from $74 million in 2012. A nice bump, but nothing compared to the global market which is estimated to grow 3.4% annually and reach almost $250 billion in the next few years.

As much as people love food and drinks, they rarely think about the material that is used to transport such products. With nothing on the horizon to replace it anytime soon, the flexible packaging industry is in position to continue its rapid growth for years to come. This will remain true for as long as they can evolve and adapt with the demands of the global economy.

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