How You Can Prevent Another San Juan River Disaster

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On August 3, a bolt of lightning ignited an underground fuel tank at a gas station in Fairfield, Ohio. The resulting explosion sent a towering fireball into the air and subsequently left a crater over 40 feet wide. Luckily nobody was injured, considering that the large explosion happened on a fairly busy street close to several residences and businesses. According to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the damage could have been much worse and due to the low level of the fuel tanks, there was a minimal risk of contamination to the local ground water.

The importance of the lack of water contamination is not lost on the public especially considering the considerable problems that the accidental toxic spill in the San Juan river which occurred on August 5. The threat of contaminated water, due to the spill of toxins from the Gold King Mine is causing problems for countless citizens in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. With these concerns about adequate storage and disposal of dangerous materials in the media it is easy to see why choosing the correct type of storage tank isn’t only a matter of convenience, choosing the proper stainless steel tank manufacturers for your fuel or waste needs can avert serious danger to your property and the environment.

Storage Tank Trends

More businesses and individuals are turning to above ground storage tank systems for their storage needs. Above ground steel storage tanks have the advantages of costing less for their initial installation. Whereas with underground storage there needs to significant excavation to install the tank, above ground storage requires minimal installation. Above ground tanks also are easier to inspect and service in the event of damages or corrosion.

Choosing between Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers

When choosing where to buy your new steel storage tank, it pays to do your research. It is important that the company you choose builds your new tank in accordance to all API standards in order to prevent problems during the life of your tank. Depending on what you plan on storing, there may need to be extra points of reinforcement. Almost as important as choosing a reputable company, is making sure that your tank is inspected regularly. Depending on how corrosiveness of the liquid you are storing, your tank should be inspected at least every four months. With due diligence you can prevent another environmental disaster in your locality.

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