Commercial Security Systems Can Deter Up To Half Of All Burglaries Here’s How It Works

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Your investment is important to you. Why not go the extra mile to protect it?

Alarm systems are a staple of any solid business plan. They give you peace-of-mind and make sure any culprits are soon brought to justice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small corner shop or a several store wide chain looking to expand…you need to have an early warning system on your side. Theft is only getting higher these past few years. For many, it can mean the difference between a successful year and going belly up.

Should you be considering the benefits of a business security camera system, consider reading below.

Rise Of Burglaries In The United States

It’s not just you. Burglaries are becoming more common in the country, with several businesses actively worried minor and major theft could ruin their chances at success. Back in 2013 victims of burglary offenses estimated nearly $5 billion in property losses, which doesn’t even cover vandalism. The time of year has something to do with break-ins, according to ongoing studies — Christmas and New Year’s see some of the highest rates of burglary than any other time. An alarm system is a necessity to push back against these statistics.

The Definition Of Inventory Shrink

Not all break-ins involve smashing in a window. Sometimes they can happen right under your nose during the workweek. Inventory shrink is a term used to refer to general shoplifting — as much as 40% of inventory shrink is done by shoppers, with 35% attributed to workers. While an alarm system can alert you to any activity during off-hours, a business security system can catch a culprit in the act. Not only does this help catch offenders, it can go a long way to deter sticky fingers.

Preventative Measures Of The Alarm System

Reactive and proactive security measures are essential for future success. A study of convicted burglars asked several offenders about their thoughts during a theft in progress — nearly 85% stated they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. Even impulsive and unplanned burglaries saw over 50% of intruders stating they would discontinue if they spotted an alarm system. Imagine how much money could be saving just by having a burglar detection camera in place. It’s a figure that only gets higher with each passing day.

Peace Of Mind Alarm Systems Provide Businesses

Peace of mind is a valuable thing. Just knowing you’re deterring the majority of burglaries can be enough to change how your business functions from the inside out. The Global Retail Theft Barometer (published by the Center For Retail Research) found North American retailers lose $45 billion of inventory from inventory shrink every year. Business security systems are designed to soothe the worries of businessowners and provide less stress for workers. Everyone wins at the end of the day…

Choosing A Security System For 2019 And Beyond

…that is, save for shoplifters. When you’re tired of losing money and worrying about your business’s reputation, turn to the access alarm system. One out of every seven businesses today has at least one alarm system in place, which means far too many are leaving themselves open to theft. For those that worry that constant alarm warnings can impede their business workings, a recent study found 95% of all alarm activations prove to be false. It’s a very small price to pay for all the money and time you’ll save.

Protect your investment. Invest in business alarm systems that give you and your workers steady peace of mind.

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