Different Types of Labels and Their Uses

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When you run a business there is a strong chance that you will need labels for a variety of tasks. Whether you need them to label a product, to organize your office, or to convey care instructions or warnings, most businesses use labels for some reason or another. You might be wanting to add them to your inventory, but are unsure of what kinds to purchase or print. Below are some suggestions of label types and what they are often used for to help you decide what you need.


Polyester labels are known for being strong and being able to withstand extreme conditions and exposure to chemicals. This makes the a wonderful option for any work that is done in extreme conditions, such as industrial jobs or the agricultural field. They are great for warning labels in these environments as well as shipping labels that may be exposed to changing outdoor conditions.

High Gloss

Custom high gloss labels are a wonderful choice for colorful designs and glossy surfaces. If you have a product that comes in a glossy container like a glass jar, a gloss label will really give it that extra bit of sheen and make it look beautiful. They are also great for highly colorful and detailed designs, because it helps to make the colors pop and keep the image crisp.


Vinyl is a great option for creative ventures. Many people use them to make stickers and wall decals. Vinyl tends to be more durable and won’t mark when met with oil or water. They also have a sleek look that allows for vivid color that will pop on different surfaces.

The type of labels you need will depend on what you want to use them for, but these three types are some of the most durable and visually appealing. You can make them yourself by investing in a label printer or you can have them made for you by a printing company. It is sometimes cheaper to go through a printing company if you plant to do regular bulk orders, because you won’t be replacing materials and ink regularly, but for smaller businesses that don’t wish to outsource there are a variety of great label printers available.

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