How Signs Do Their Work


Even with the Internet and e-mail and digital communication as a whole, there is still a place in business for signs. Good business signage can do a lot of good, and many studies have shown that such signs of all sorts are still potent for delivering a message. This ranges from digital signs for schools to a church marquee sign to billboards to signage for businesses over the premise’s front door. In fact, many major companies and brands today may take a dual approach of using both online marketing and signs in their physical location to promote their business, and this may often prove effective. Much smaller businesses, meanwhile, may make use of only signs and posters to spread their name and service to customers in their area. What can one expect from digital signs for schools or other digital physical displays?

What Signs Can Do

Many market studies and research are dedicated to finding the most effective methods for promoting a brand or service, and this work shows that signs are as potent as ever. After all, even with the Internet and social media around, most people regularly go outside and see the world around them, and this is a fine place for digital signs for schools and more. In fact, a business may have most of its customers living nearby, making signs a fine way to reach many interested consumers. It has been found that around 85% of a business’s customers live within a five-mile radius of its premises, and its signs may be viewed by the average consumer around 50-60 times per week, leading to plenty of exposure. Other studies have shown that on-site signage has the same advertising power as 24-full page newspaper ads per year, and many customers only enter a business because of its prominent sign over its door or on its roof.

The sign itself must be fine quality to do its work. A well built sign with quality materials and an attractive and professional display may make a good impression on consumers and give them confidence in the business, and many surveyed consumers say that a sign’s quality and personality probably reflect that of the business. Conversely, a shoddy or ugly sign may make a bad impression and do little to encourage consumers to visit or buy from them.

Types of Signs

There is more than one way to make a sign. Some of them are billboards, and advertisers tend to rent ad space on these large platforms next to highways and roads. Many car drivers report looking at billboards as they pass them, sometimes because there’s simply nothing else to look at in the area. Such ads may be for local businesses or attractions, or even for political candidates in the area. Many voters only learn of local candidates because of their billboard ads. Such billboard displays may also have lights on them for viewing during night.

In other cases, signs may be posted right over a business’ front door, often a wide but short sign that fits over the door but under the roof. Or, the sign may be posted on the roof to make it more visible, and these tend to be larger. Similarly, such signs are placed on top of a tall pole to make them visible from afar. Gas stations, auto repair shops, and fast food restaurants often do this.

Some signs may be digital ones, or at least electronic or neon. These glowing displays make them stand out even more, and they may also be easily visible in low lighting levels or during rain. An Army recruitment center, for example, may have an electronic display sign that rotates between several images to attract recruits, and might even have animation on it to catch the eye. Meanwhile, schools and houses of worship may make use of scrolling digital marquees, and digital signs for schools can display all sorts of messages to students, staff, and parents of students. These signs may give updates on an upcoming sports game on campus, for example, or alerts about possible snow days or other times when the school is closed or its hours are modified. Houses of worship may do much the same to tell their attendees about the timing of upcoming events.

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