Did You Know A Bad Sign Can Turn Away Potential Customers?

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What’s the first thing customers see when they engage with your business? Some would say their products, as items tend to exchange hands and be seen by a variety of people in-person or on the Internet. Others would say it’s your customer service, particularly if you have a physical shop that thrives on making repeat customers feel welcome and wanted. When it comes down to the most basic element of any successful brand, digital signs for business are the key to creating the most memorable first impression for anyone who walks by. They’re used to catch attention, inspire curiosity and even help people locate your store in a sea of competition. Not sure about your outdoor church signs or electric business signs for your up-and-coming restaurant? Let’s take a look at how they bolster your bottom line!

The Necessity Of Signs

Whether you’re using electric business signs or a physical outdoor display, customers need a strong first impression to inspire a visit or two. Recent studies have found out many interesting things about the power of signs or a lack thereof, such as 35% of participants in a survey admitting they wouldn’t have found a business if it hadn’t been for their sign! Another study, specifically targeting Best Buy, found that 17% of their walk-in customers decided to visit because of their sign. Signs are a useful tool for grabbing people’s attention and inspiring them to visit, much less actually invest in your products and tell their friends! But what else do they have to offer in terms of marketing?

The Power Of Marketing

Did you know that over half of all consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services? It’s not enough to simply make a sign — striking lettering and attracting graphic design go a long way in forming a favorable impression, the very definition of putting your best foot forward. On a similar note, a dull or amateurish display can risk turning customers away and driving down your business revenue. A particularly apt survey found nearly 60% of consumers admitting that the absence of a sign would deter them from entering a store, for reasons such as a lack of professionalism or little artistic communication. Digital signs for business, using LED or animation, can strike a particular chord with modern customers and attract them to your store in a heartbeat.

Location, Location, Location

If you sell your products online, it’s far simpler for customers to simply find you and progress from there. A physical shop operates a little differently, however, and where and how you place your church marquee sign or general commercial business signs can make a major difference between an increase in your client base and tumbleweeds in the wind. A survey found that a whopping 85% of business’ customers live or work around a five-mile radius of its location. When adding or updating your sign can make your sales revenue go up by 7%, taking these factors into account now will literally pay off in the future. Digital signs for business will offer you a range of options, no matter your goal or brand.

Making Your Mark

So, signs are necessary for catching customer attention, giving them a positive first impression, helping them locate your store and inspiring them to make a purchase. Where do you get started creating full color LED signs? There are a plethora of graphic design and production companies around the United States, creating advertisements ranging from newspaper clippings to cardboard displays to full LED signs. Simply visiting a store and inquiring about their services will have them discussing the best way to catch a customer’s eye, as well as gearing particular digital signs for business to your unique brand. If you feel your business could use a boost, check out your local graphic design department and ask them where you should put your next eye-catching sign!

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