Common Printer Malfunctions You Should Know

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There is nothing more irritating in an office than dealing with a printer that issues. It won’t print, or if it does it’s just a mess of work because of leaking printer cartridges. This can slow down work and significantly reduce productivity among employees.

Are you thinking to dispose of your old printer and get a new one? Well, this may sound like a good idea since you’ll no longer have to deal with a nagging printer, but have you considered the cost implications of buying a new printer. First, the initial cost is often high and secondly, stocking new printer supplies such as inkjet cartridges and other replacement parts will considerably drive up the total cost.

Printer and copier costs are typically the third-largest office expense behind rent and payroll. Therefore, if you’re looking to minimize the costs of running your business and keep operations moving, hiring a professional printer repair service to fix your equipment sounds like the best thing to do.

Choosing the Right Printer Repair Specialists

Ideally, it makes a lot of sense to source for local repair service rather than having to carry the printer all the way to the repair center. With a local printer technician, you’re guaranteed of emergency printer repairs than waiting for days to secure a repair appointment time.

Elements of an Effective Printer Repair Services

  • Long years of experience in dealing with various brands of a printer such as Canon and Hp printer
  • Fully stocked repair van with essential repair tools and printer parts from all recognized brands
  • Very responsive, 2 hours utmost
  • Deal directly with a printer repair company representative
  • Certified to handle all major brands
  • Honest, reliability, professional and friendly technician

Most importantly, find a printer repair service company that also offer routine service for printer and copier cartridge supplies and part replacements.

Common Printer Repairs

Printer malfunctions are common, and literally, there isn’t any issue with your printer that can’t be fixed. Here are some common printing problems and how they are rectified by a printer technician.

  • Constant Printer Paper Jams:
    If you’ve ever operated a printer then you know that paper jams are inevitable. Causes of paper jams could be a result of mechanical failures of the printer itself, type of printing paper, or how the paper is inserted in the printer. A printer technician will first troubleshoot to determine where the problem is, and recommend a solution. Additionally, paper feed rollers and ensuring proper paper settings can also help eliminate constant paper jams.
  • Overheated Printer: Temperature variations is also a potential problem for printers. When a printer is too hot or too cold it’s a potential cause of equipment failure. Possible errors that you’ll notice include high fuser temperature, fuser warm-up failure, or an open-fuser. The fuser is an important component of the printer and it’s designed to withstand thousands of prints. However, due to mechanical malfunctions and other printer problems such as paper jam, the fuser wear out faster.
  • Poor print quality: If your prints appear faded, or look too light or fuzzy, this is a sign that there is an issue within the printer. This could be a problem with your inkjet cartridge, and therefore, it needs replacement if necessary. Other interior printer malfunctions could also cause poor print quality. For laser printers that rely on fusers, smudges and smears are the most common problem and they can only be fixed with fuser repair or replacement.
  • Network Connectivity:
    Printers that rely on a WiFi connection can sometimes experience connection problems. Troubleshooting should help identify the problem, but this issue is majorly due to outdated software and drivers.

The next time you experience printer problem and have no idea on how to fix, call your local printer technician who’ll know how to handle the different types of printer problems.

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