Communicate Your Business Values With Customized Postage Stamps

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Print postage online no monthly fee

Many businesses obviously continue to send out regular letter-sized mail and packages of various sizes. While these businesses may still utilize email and other online-based communication platforms, regular mail continues to be a way in which business is conducted. While The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a wide variety of postage stamps, custom postage, or Customized Postage, has been available since May 17, 2006, according to

Initially, The USPS tested this customized program for an unspecified period of time. However, Phase IV of the program’s market test started on May 17, 2007, as stated at their site. At that time, they authorized the ability to customize First-Class Mail presort postage for a limited period of time.

As its name implies, Customized Postage, is unique. When designing this postage, both photos and other types of images can be used. This include drawings, paintings, or company logos. This process is easy, and can be accomplished by using a computer and the Internet. All you have to do is upload your image or photo file, choose the colors and font style you would prefer to have, and then submit this to a vendor that has been authorized by The USPS. Your custom stamps will then be mailed to you from that approved vendor.

There are some restrictions that apply to using custom postage, however. While The USPS states that it can be used with First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express, custom postage is only for sending mail domestically, or within the United States. There are other situations where custom postage can’t be used, so it’s important to consult with The USPS directly to understand these conditions in full.

In addition to having your own custom postage stamps created, your business may also be interested in being able to print standard postage and mailing labels online. When you have mailing label software installed on your company computers, for example, you can have the ability to print certified mail labels as well. Whether your local post office is across town or just around the corner, having access to essential mailing supplies at your place of business can save both time and energy. Furthermore, custom stamps can be a very effective way to create, expand, and maintain brand awareness.

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