Why You Should Install An Alarm System Today


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Getting something stolen is always cause for alarm, be it from your personal residence or your business. Commercial security systems and commercial security products can help prevent theft and put your mind at ease. In 2013 alone, burglaries caused over $40 million dollars of property loss and damages.

You might consider a cctv camera solution to discourage and prevent burglaries from occurring at your home or business. It’s been shown that even the presence of an alarm with send half of burglars away from your home before they even attempt to enter and over 80% of convicted burglars said that they looked for an alarm before attempting to break into a place.

But traditional burglar alarms are not, unfortunately, fool proof. While up to 25% of calls to police are because of triggered alarms, it’s been estimated that 94% of tripped burglar alarms are actually false alarms. Because police have no way of knowing this, they must respond to every call, taking up to 20 minutes and two police officers to investigate. Police follow up with almost 40 million calls every year. Though some of them are undoubtedly real, many end up as a waste of time and resources.

But a cctv camera solution can help to counter some of this loss of time and resources. Video surveillance provides security access control, allowing business and home owners to watch what is happening in real time. The seamless integration of automated operations in video surveillance and the cctv camera solution has accounted for almost 70% of burglaries being prevented when such intrusion security is in place.

So when should you get an alarm? Really, whenever you have anything valuable to protect. Retail theft, for example, accounts for the loss of almost $50 million in inventory every year. Home invasion and theft often leads to the loss of cherished personal belongings. Both of these debilitating losses can be prevented and mitigated through the use of an alarm system at any point in the year. But it has also been shown thefts and burglaries spike during the holiday season. There are more break ins during the last two weeks of the year than at any other time.

No matter what season, it’s a good idea to have some type of alarm system. It not only protects but offers peace of mind and actually deflects and defers criminals before a crime even happens.

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