Construction Lights Why They Shouldn’t Be Neglected

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Construction is an industry that covers a number of different needs. When you initially think of construction, you may imagine building new homes and commercial buildings. Construction projects like these are often elective — that is, there isn’t a majorly strong need for them, but they’re happening due to the fact that a buyer wants them to happen. These projects are important, and luckily, as they don’t often come with pressing deadlines, can be done under a more relaxed schedule. This isn’t always the case, however, and oftentimes construction workers find themselves working day and night to finish them. Even more pressing, needless to say, are projects that are necessities. This can include roadwork and much more. As projects like these are often in the public eye and can even obstruct traffic, they can happen — and quite frequently do happen — during the nighttime. It’s difficult enough for construction workers to see minute details during the day. This can get even more difficult to accomplish at night There are several other reasons why it’s important to keep nighttime construction sites well-lit. This can best be accomplished through the use of portable construction lights. However, there are several different types of portable construction lights to choose from, and as you’ll see below, they suit different needs.

Portable Construction Lights: The Real Need

Portable construction lights may not be something that you think of often — but there is a real need for them, with the United States having second-largest construction market in the world. Construction projects of various sizes happen day and night in the U.S. With that being said, the issue isn’t so much how many construction projects are happening int America, but how many are happening at night. Night work may not seem ideal at first glance, but in fact in certain conditions it’s far preferable to day work. In fact, a recent survey by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance indicates that eight of 10 drivers would rather road work be done during off-peak hours versus during the day. Usually, off-peak hours are at night. This is because, in part, construction causes traffic buildup during the day. This makes it more difficult for commuters to make it to and from work on time. This causes a lot of difficulty for the area in question, and as such work needs to be done at night. Unfortunately, night work can be dangerous, especially when it’s construction. Furthermore, improper lighting can cause improper or shoddy workmanship. Now that you understand why portable lights are so important, let’s look into the different types of lights available, and what they do.

The Different Types Of Construction Work Lights And What They Do

There are many different types of lights available in this day and age. You shouldn’t, for example, discount solar lighting. It’s believed that 170,000 terrawatts of solar energy strike Earth continuously. This is over 10,000 times the world’s overall energy use, making solar energy truly abundant and a great source for powering lighting. LED bulbs are certainly great options, and today they’re six to seven times more efficient than conventional incandescent lights, cutting energy use by more than 80%. Of course, there are different types of illumination as well — three main types in particular. Level I Illumination is great for all work operations areas, including but not limited to the setup of lane or road closures, lane closure tapers, and flagging stations. Level II Illumination is recommended for areas on or around construction equipment, and is a good selection for illuminating asphalt paving, milling, and construction paving and the removal of pavement. Finally, Level III Illumination is recommended for pavement or structural crack and pothole filling, joint repair, pavement patching and repairs, and the installation of signal, electrical, and mechanical equipment. Upon taking into account factors like these, construction companies can choose the proper lighting for their specific needs. It’s important not to neglect this issue — lighting cane easily save a life.

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