Creative Marketing Techniques Can Make Use of Even the Smallest Food Packaging Spaces

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When you first began the process of pursuing a graphic arts degree, you did not really know for sure where these skills would take you. Five years later, however, you are part of a team of marketing specialists who create food packaging labels for a wide range of products. From herbal tea packaging to spice packaging you have created designs for the smallest of spaces. In a larger palette, you have also designed images for bulk commercial food packaging bags. Both formats have taught you new skills, as well as given you experience of how to adapt the ideas that you have without complete redesign.
Both the smallest tea packaging designs and the largest commercial resealable pouches containing any number of products offer spaces that can serve a number of purposes. And while the most important purpose, of course, is keeping food safe, it is also important to realize that many of these spaces also offer a way to use the best marketing techniques to promote the future sales of these products.

How Often Does Food Packaging Design Influence the Purchase Decisions That You Make?
Vegetable and fruit packaging does not make any of these products more healthy, but it can help you make the purchase decision that will keep you more healthy than if you had opted for an highly processed set of grocery items. None of us should be surprised about the fact that marketing matters. When ever we walk into a grocery store, we are influenced by the images that we see and the products that we might otherwise never have considered buying.

In addition to the catchy marketing devices that food packaging can employ, these canvases can also be used to make sure that your company sends the environmentally friendly practices that your company embraces.
Did you know, for instance, that 40% of consumers would share a photo of a product on social media if the packaging were interesting? This is especially true when a company uses packaging to promote practices that help our environment. Although few of us would be surprised to know that 85% of shoppers said their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package while shopping, not as many of us realize that there are many other ways a package can be used to promote other purposes as well.

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