Custom Postcard Printing Can Help You Send Special Messages Like WWI Soldiers Did

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During the height of WWI many soldiers sent special postcards to those they cared about that were made of a special embroidered silk mesh and while custom postcard printing has changed since those days, the meaning behind powerful messages still stays the same. Perhaps they got the idea from the Montgomery Ward catalog which after it was printed in 1872 was able to revolutionize the industries of both sales and marketing respectively by setting up for direct mail marketing such as custom postcard printing. The truth is that today, custom postcard printing is available to people for a lot more than saying hello to grandma from Paris as it can be a great marketing tool even in the digital age we live in.

Milward Brown, a leading international research company, conducted a survey stating that direct mail marketing such as custom postcard printing has the ability to leave a very deep signature or footprint in someone’s brain. From the 20’s to the 50’s, those footprints consisted of many saucy images as the trend for custom postcard printing then had a lot more to do with jokes of an off color and the risque imagery that they portrayed than any real messages. However, as more modern times approached, the way that direct mail postcards were used began to change.

In both the 60’s and the 70’s, postcard printing was done to let the public know when a new industrial park or highway was opening up. This gave a lot of businesses the idea that direct mail postcards could be a great way to communicate information to their customers. By using these tactics, consumers begin seeing everything from retail to grocery to real estate postcards showing up in their mailboxes.

Today business postcards are used all the time to communicate a variety of different messages. These could range from special sales and events to the encouraged use of customer appreciation coupons. By finding a company that can provide customized postcards, your business will be able to take advantage of this great marketing technique along with anything else that encompasses your approach.

Even if you fully embrace technology in all of your marketing endeavors, you cannot leave out print media such as postcards. As long as people have real mailboxes, they will still be an effective way of reaching out. This will justify the money you spend on printing costs.

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