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Research shows that 90% of millennials feel that direct mail advertising is reliable. There is no doubt that direct mail marketing can be a great tool because it can leave more of an impact on receivers and it also can give you more room for your to be creative. Many large companies such as Nestle, Jeep, and Nike have sent out some very creative direct mail marketing pieces that were interactive and dynamic for consumers. Printing services can help with this.

These included rewards, or if they did not, the companies new that sending out the piece of mail would be so memorable that consumer would not forget their product or service. Nike, for example, had sent out limited edition shoe boxes that were designed to look like a stadium when consumers opened the box. Not only did the box LOOK like a stadium, but it also produced a sound when the box was opened that sounded like a roaring crowd. Print services can help you put together cool direct mail pieces.

While direct mail marketing can be a great tool, it can also be hard to think about cost effectiveness. When mailing out pieces of direct mail to consumers, you run the risk of spending more than what you get on your return, although, a successful direct mail marketing campaign can do more for your business than an unsuccessful email campaign. Here are four ways to cut costs on direct mail marketing campaigns if you’re thinking about getting in contact with print services to send something tangible to a consumer.

1. Use packages provided by a carrier

Instead of running the risk of having to pay dimensional fees, opt for using boxes and packaging materials supplied by your carries like UPS or FedEx. You can cut costs by about 15 percent according to research.

2. Use online shipping

According to the manager of digital media for USPS, you can save 16 percent on priority mail orders and up to 60 percent on express mail. You also can get other perks like delivery confirmation and shipping supplies.

3. Try prepaid shipping

Prepaid shipping has a discount rate up to 20 percent. This is great for campaigns with same-weight direct mail materials, like materials made with print services.

4. Calculate correctly

If charging consumers for shipping (for a rewards campaign or contest), be sure to calculate correctly in order to avoid paying more fees.

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