Does Your Business Have a Difficult Time Hiring Enough Workers for Weekly Production Goals?

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You never imagined that you would again need help finding work just three months after high school graduation. In fact, you are having a difficult time dealing with the anger that you have about needing to work with one o the local temp agencies to get help finding work when just three months ago you were looking at a three different job offers.

Your decision to come work with a local marketing company seemed like a good one. You could be near your parents and your brother while still being able to afford a really nice apartment in the area. When you made this decision, however, you simply could not have imagined that you would, before the end of the summer, be searching for another job because your employer would go through a major downsizing just two years after showing so much growth and promise.

Job Search Help Is a Necessity in Many Fields

The job market can be a challenge. In some fields like marketing, for instance, there are more applicants than openings. In these fields it is advantageous for a company that is hiring to work with a staffing company to find the very best applicants. Knowing that there will be hundreds of applicants for one single opening means that there is a large vetting process that needs to take place. In other fields like health care, however, it is often difficult to find enough potential employees to fill all of the available openings. Again, staffing companies can help.

There was a time when the need for help finding work was as simple as work of mouth conversations. Today, however, finding the right work or the right employees is not always that easy. And when companies do find the best talent for the openings that they have, it is more important than ever that those employees are retained. The latest research indicates that the costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of the salary of the employee being replaced.

Job security is a problem for workers, but keeping the best employees is a problem for companies. Between these two situations, of course, is a difficult dance that is hard to perfect in a time when the economy can sometimes be unpredictable. From search engine optimization work that involves the skills of newly graduated marketing students to technical jobs that require specific training about specific kinds of equipment, it can be difficult to successfully forecast the need for workers.

As an example, an SEO company may find that the current freelance team ordinarily writes about 350 to 400 tasks a week. When the staff suddenly starts completing more than 750 tasks, there can be a work shortage that leads to the frustration of the writing team. Trying to keep staffing levels such that everyone writes as much as they want and the SEO company is able to work ahead is not as easy as it might seem. Sales people, for instance can work to find new writing campaigns, but that may not satisfy the income needs for the team of writers. As a result, some of these contract writers might find other work. When the need for more SEO content returns, however, the company can find that the remaining writers cannot create enough content. Freelance turnover is always pretty high, and it is often difficult to predict what events will shrink the writer pool. Hiring too many writers, however, can lead to another shortage of work.

Managing accurate work force numbers continues to be a challenge in some fields. A marketing company, for instance, may find it is flush with business one year and hire a staff to fill those needs, only 24 months later to find they need to let go a significant number of their work force to survive when there is a shortage of work that needs to be done. Being on either end of this kind of staffing problem is challenging. A college graduate may have passed up other offers for a job that only lasts three months, and the employer may find it increasingly difficult to find new hires should the need arise in the future. Help finding work and workers is a delicate balance.

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