Enhancing The Appearance of Your Home Basic Parts of a Cable Railing System

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According to a study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, over one million people in the U.S. are injured on stairs every year. It is important to have a strong railing for stairs, decks, and landings. Cable railing is used in both commercial and residential applications. It boasts of strength and durability. It enhances visibility in railing space and also adds contemporary industrial aesthetics. Compared to other railing options, cable is significantly slimmer and blends with the horizon seamless providing the much need unobstructed views.

Ideally, cable railing is a great alternative to metal stairways and traditional wood railing. They use wire tension to provide stability and protection. However, contemporary designs utilize metal posts and handrails. When combined with wood, they create a hybrid custom style. The system is made up of several cable railing parts. Cable rail offers modern design by using metal posts and handrails. It is a great choice for both exterior and interior railing in industrial buildings, marine settings, and commercial buildings. Cable rails have a reasonable cost, they are strong, have a luxurious appeal, and have durability attributes.

Cable Railing parts

The cable railing parts are attractive, long-lasting, and innovative. Here is a brief overview of each of these parts.

1. Cable Railing Posts

Cable railing posts can be customized to make a unique design and space. They are the foundation of the cable railing system. Good cable railing posts are made of stainless steel and aluminum. They can be designed in different styles and finished with colored powder coats or polishes. They come in different materials and shapes, including stainless square pots, engineered aluminum posts, stainless-round posts, and engineered wood posts.

Handrails can be made from wood and metal. While metal handrails are manufactured using aluminum and stainless steel, wood handrails are made from different tree species and finished with a wide variety of stains and paints.

2. Top Rail

Top rail also referred to as cap rail, connects into a complete frame. Some variety of top rail include aluminum shaped top rail, aluminum post to post handrail, top rails for stainless rounds, premium wood top rails, and top rails for stainless square. You should include connector and corner pieces if need be.

3. Cable

The cable is the core component of the cable railing system. The best cables are made of stainless steel. These cable types have great longevity and luster. Usually, the cables railing parts are electropolished before shipping.

5. Cable Railing Hardware

Cable railing secure cable ends. The ends of cables are unique pieces known as assembly and fittings. They contain two fittings, each at the end of the cable. One fitting of the cable assembly allows you to tension the cables. The other end, known as terminal or end, does not tension your cables. Some of the assemblies include post fitting assembly, post assemblies for metal, and swageless fitting assemblies.

6. Optional Railing Pieces

Depending on your project, you may need additional railing pieces besides the railing itself. For instance, if you need a railing for stairs, you will need a handrail. Some of the optional railing pieces include cable railing gates, stainless steel round handrail, and aluminum post to post handrail. Safety traps enhance the safety of the rails.

Why You Should Choose Cable Railing

Traditional railings are prone to dirt and block the view. Cable railings, on the other hand, beautify your property and preserve the view. They complement the natural beauty. When viewed from a distance, they virtually disappear enabling you to focus on the surroundings and enjoy the outdoor life.

Metal cables are distinct from wood cable in terms of ambiance, component, and aesthetics. Metals are stronger, hence allow you to use slimmer posts. Metal cable railings that have stainless steel handrails are suitable for industrial use. Similarly, a combination of wood and cable blends contemporary elegance with traditional warmth.


Cable and rigging products should be designed to keep your workers safe. Stainless steel is the best option when it comes to choosing cable railing parts. They are durable and withstand a harsh environment. However, salty water can discolor stainless steel. You should therefore, ensure high maintenance by cleaning with car wash soap.

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