Evaluating the Worth of a Home With a Streamlined CMA

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Although someone trying to sell their home might have an idea of how much they deserve, it’s likely that they are making estimates based off of their own self-imbued significance. However, there are expert methods that help to determine the worth of a home, and how, regarding the market at that time, it should be sold, and for what price.

The idea of this method isn’t that far off from attempting to sell a car. While a price could be pulled out of the air, there are methods to determine the exact worth of the vehicle, dependent upon age, mileage, damage, repairs, etc. These notions are applicable to homes, allowing for realtors to best understand how to sell a home, i.e. what price will work best for the type of home, the area, the market and more.

The method most often used, as any realtor will know, is the Comparative Market Analysis, better known as a CMA.

Realtors have means of completing CMAs, but there are methods that have arisen in recent years that streamline the process, making the process much more efficient and simpler. In particular, there now exists realtor CMA software that can be utilized, of which increase realtor productivity through the implementation of real estate software.

Realtor CMA tools can be utilized to evaluate a home not only on it’s physical condition, but also on recent effects seen in the local market — properties in that region that were sold within the past year, listings that are currently active, listings that are still pending for sale, listings that have expired. Each of this helps to determine the best selling price of a home over time, along with how the home fared with certain buyers and realtors.

A realtor CMA cannot do all of the work for a realtor, but it can be utilized in conjuction with applied knowledge. Current information available to realtors is knowing that nearly 19% of homes sold in 2016 were purchased as investment properties; that 96% percent of buyers trust companies that have effective digital marketing and digital presentation; over 50% of home buyers beneath the age of 36 years old buy their homes online.

It is imperative that a realtor uses an effective, clean, streamlined realtor CMA software, one that allows realtors to quickly create and receive pertinent data that can produce a easy-to-read presentation for listers, sellers, and buyers.

By providing the right sort of information — destination to local schools, clean landing pages, pragmatic body content and graphics, Yelp reviews and more, a piece of real estate can be expertly evaluated and put on the market for sale.

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