Everything You Need to Know About Gas Turbines

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Gas turbines are being used more and more in power plants across the U.S. They produce electric current by converting natural gas and other liquid fuels to mechanical energy. This energy then drives the generator that produces the electrical energy. From there, that specific energy works to run into homes and businesses – keeping our lights on and keeping technology running!

How Gas Turbines Work

You might wonder how the generator produces the energy that we use from a mechanical standpoint, which could require a certain knowledge of the internal system. However, we will best try to explain it in some easy steps:

1. The gas turbine takes the air and compresses it. At the same time, fuel or other liquids are being mixed at extremely high temperatures. The two combine to create a hot gas.

2. That mixture of hot fuel and hot air move through the various blades inside the turbine and causes them to spin very quickly.

3. The spinning blades quickly turn the drive shaft, which gets the power working.

4. A large magnet attached to coils of copper wire starts to move.

5. A generator magnet causes the last part to occur. It works to line up the electrons and copper coils make them move. This type of movement is known as ‘electricity.’

Gas Turbines and Special Upkeep

Of course, with so many moving parts working together, there is always the chance that you will need a professional to help upkeep your system and ensure that every working piece is doing what it is supposed to do. For instance, if salt gets into the system, a lot of damage could be done. Even just a small amount of salt particles attaching to turbine blades can attract other particles and decrease output by up to 15%!

Because in the U.S. we are the largest producer of natural gas across the world, extracting approximately 750 billion cm of natural gas, it is imperative that we keep this position by ensuring we take good care of our equipment, which can cost millions of dollars and helps us keep our electricity in many cities countrywide. Natural gas is actually the second most heavily consumed energy in the U.S. and will continue to rise in the ranks due to the ease at which it powers. Because of this, it is important to constantly have the equipment checked and inspections done to ensure that it is working correctly and an overview of the mechanical system for upkeep.

If you are in need of professional services because you want to ensure that your system is constantly working as it is supposed to, choose a team who understands the ins and outs of gas turbines and are skilled at helping you maintain these services that fuel cities across the world.

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