Executive Charter Jets Offer Passengers a Number of Convenient Advantages

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A recent episode of the courtroom drama Bull gave new meaning to the conveniences of being able to charter a private aircraft. The leader of the successful trail consulting firm is able to connect one of his immensely rich clients with a losing client who agreed to surrender himself. The illegal immigrant is offered a spot on the private aircraft that is leaving the country. Unknowing what he was in for, however, the illegal leaves the U.S. not for Mexico, but instead Germany. Finding a way to help someone who is in desperate need of help, the cocky and confident Bull oversees the safe keeping who everyone but the presiding judge sees as worthy of a chance to practice his real skills as a doctor.

You do not, however, have to be as an immigrant seeking asylum to realize the importance of the ability to charter a private aircraft. From business travelers who are trying to make two meetings in the same day and still make it home for a good night’s rest to vacationers who are trying to make the most of days off work, private flights are a convenient solution.

Private Charter Quotes May Seem Overwhelming at First
If you are an individual or a company that has never experienced the advantages of flying on a private jet you may not understand the importance of an investment. Knowing, however, that you can have far more control of not only departure and arrival times, but also locations means that you can often make the very most of the limited travel time that you have. The mere fact that you can eliminate the need for expensive and unnecessary hotel stays is just one of the ways that your company can recoup the cost to charter a private aircraft.

A 2009 survey indicated that respondents said they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than in the office. Knowing that you can continue to work, and bill clients for that work, while you are on a flight is one of the other advantages to flying on a private flight rather than a commercial airline. When you realize that 33% of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport, compared to the 19% of flights that are into large commercial airports, you can also begin to see the difference these flight times can make. The convenience of private charter flights also allows busy CEOS to avoid the much longer waits through crowded commercial airports, including the security lines.

By the year 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the U.S., and they serve a number of purposes. From executives who are traveling the country trying to complete important deals to vacationers who really want to get away, there are so many people who benefit from this travel option. Finding a way to make travel more comfortable than cumbersome is essential in today’s complicated lives.

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