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The holiday season is here! A lot of people are rushing back and forth for presents, while others begin their travels to migrate somewhere warm during this chilly month. But anywhere you are, you can take time to spread cheer and compassion to those in need. Various charity organizations, charity foundations are in high demand for donations of clothing, among these organizations for veterans and low-income families are by far the most prevalent in donations. Holidays—Christmas, in particular, is considered one of the most difficult times of the year for those who are financially struggling or impaired because there is a focus on self-fulfillment instead of communal culture, making the value of charitable donations that much more helpful. The holidays are a predominantly wasteful season as well, with American’s average spending being twice as much in clothing alone than 20 years prior, but more than throws away approximately 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and textiles every year. However, charitable clothing donations—green charities and Purple Heart foundation are diligently working to decrease those number by expanding to change the notion around helping families in need.

Where Should I Donate?
Charities for wounded soldiers and low-income families can be found almost anywhere throughout your city. Clothing donation boxes allow people to donate clothes freely, at any given time without limitations—green charities are especially great for those who advocate for recycling—their clothing donation allows for helping disabled veterans while working to maintain a sustainable environment. Green charities are also a great alternative because they accept household donations, contributions vary from brand-new items to slightly used making it a versatile donation center anyone use. But be sure not to get about local clothing donations, they’re always looking for donations to benefit their wide variety of people, and the value of charitable donations goes far.

How Can I Donate?
Donations can be accepted through clothing drop off or pick-up clothing donations for those with varying lifestyles. Donating clothing to charity is an immensely rewarding experience—the number of children in need of clothing is gradually increasing, and this spike becomes apparent during the holiday seasons. Used clothing donations are beneficial for children who are in desperate need of clothing, only 15% of Americans recycle and/or donate their used clothing. Why not donate to a charitable children’s organization to help clothe a child during this icy season? The value of charitable donations is a selfless act that is a far better gift than anyone can give.

Wounded veterans charities rely on charitable donations to the Purple Heart foundation for their profound success of helping military families in need. (Remember, charitable donations worth more than $250, including clothing and household items, will require a receipt to write off on taxes) Their contributions to combating in-need veterans who would otherwise be without this holiday season, due to debilitating injuries such as blindness which is prevalent among veterans. Donating clothes is a charitable act—a generosity of the heart that truly embodies this season’s values, will you be apart of the cause?
“If you know someone who needs help with blindness please go to www.nfb.org.

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