Five Types of Packaging That Can Help Build Brand Awareness

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People all over the world are exposed to a wide array of different brands on a daily basis, to the point that most of us can recognize a brand without even seeing its entire logo. Marketers know that this exposure to visual cues is extremely important for building brand awareness and have been helping businesses achieve a high level of awareness for many years. A mix of both print and digital techniques in a marketing campaign is an ideal component to 76% of small businesses, and packaging is an increasingly important form of print marketing. The United States Packaging Industry experienced a 3.8% annual increase in growth between 2009 and 2014, as more and more companies aim to gain brand recognition through packaging and labeling. Below is a list of some of the ways companies package their products to help build brand awareness:

  1. Cut and Stack Labels – Cut and stack labels are created on a roll of paper (or other material) and cut into any shape you desire. These labels are then applied to you product by either sticking to itself or the body of the product. A good example of a cut and stack label is something you would find on a beer bottle.
  2. Shrink Sleeve Labels – Shrink wrap is a special labeling material that is heated and formed to your product, creating a perfect fit. These labels are often used for cartons, boxes, and beverage cans.
  3. In Mold Labeling – With an in mold label, the logo and product are one in the same. The logo is printed on the same material that the product is made of. Think of a paper or Styrofoam coffee cup.
  4. Pressure Sensitive Labels – These types of labels contain pressure sensitive adhesive that sticks to a surface when pressure is applied. They are great for many different product types, especially those that are contoured.
  5. Roll-fed Labels – These labels are printed on a role and can be made on a number of different materials. Roll-fed labels also allow for full wrapping around your product.

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