Flexible Plastic Packaging Combines Convenience with Safety

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Flexible packaging is becoming increasingly popular in food and other manufacturing industries. As the name suggests, inno-lok customized packaging is innovative and offers manufacturers a number of advantages over traditional packaging. It is lightweight and flexible, which cuts down on materials and transportation costs. Flexibility is also a feature of the entire production process: so inno-lok packaging can be custom designed for each order or product. A whole range of features like resealable packaging, or pouches with spouts or flat bottoms can be added for customized packaging that combines quality, lower costs and convenience.

Lightweight, convenient inno-lok saves on transportation costs

Flexible packaging products use much less plastic to produce and cost less than traditional packaging. They are also environmentally friendly. Their lighter weight reduces the costs of transportation, saving fuel. For comparison, it only takes two pounds of plastic to produce containers for 1,300 ounces?roughly 10 gallons – of a liquid like juice, soda or water. It would take three pounds of aluminum to male containers for the same amount of beverages.

Besides being lighter in weight, flexible packaging takes up less space. That makes it easier and cheaper to transport. It would take 26 truckloads to transport material in glass jars that could be fitted into just one truckload carrying flexible plastic packaging.

Inno-lok customized packaging keeps food fresher

Flexible plastic food packaging in the form of heat-sealed plastic pouches and wraps is not only lighter and cheaper to make and transport, it also keeps food fresher and prevents contamination, improving overall safety. According to packaging experts, one pound of plastic packaging can prevent the waste of up to 1.7 pounds of food.
For all of these reasons, flexible plastic packaging and pouches are a popular choice for pet foods, cheese and meats.

Flexible design and short lead times mean quick turnaround for major orders

Flexible packaging producers are agile enough to offer manufacturers short lead times. With digital printing, designs and logos can be created quickly and easily, regardless of the size of the job. From small digital jobs to large 10-color HD flexographics, manufacturers can be sure of getting top-quality flexible packaging in a timely fashion.

With all these advantages, the flexible packaging industry is set for continued growth in the future.

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