When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Credit Card History?

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Chances are, if you ask anyone passing you on the street if they have a credit card, the answer is going to be yes. As of 2013, there were over 270 million Visa cards in the United States, and over 500 million in the rest of the world’s countries. In addition, the amount spent with those cards annually adds up to just under five trillion dollars. If those numbers don’t impress you, then nothing will.

With all of this credit card spending going on, and most of it being on the internet, what makes any purchase secure? Sure, if you’re going into a store and physically have your card on you then that’s a secure purchase, but the internet? That’s a different story. Making sure that your website and the purchases that occur on it are secure is the number one priority when you’re involved in ecommerce.

The good news is that there are companies out there who specialize in payment processing. What this means is that these companies will take your customers’ credit card information and run it through all of your online purchases to make sure that every payment is a secure payment. Six out of 10 credit card users are concerned about fraud when they shop online, so shouldn’t online businesses make sure they can put those fears to rest? Payment processing services will ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish, and make it as safe and fraud proof as ever.

The ecommerce industry is growing bigger every year. In fact, research shows that the percentage of mobile purchases will grow from $52 billion to over $140 billion by the year 2019. With all of that web traffic and all of those purchases, why wouldn’t you want to make sure that every transaction goes through exactly the way you want it to? A good customer experience means returning customers. Payment processing software can ensure that your customer base will be happy and will grow, especially in satisfaction!

Neglecting security, whether you’re a customer or a business owner, can be a major slip up when it comes to your finances. Secure payments and close inspection of your credit card statements are key in keeping your money safe! Don’t let your information get into any hands other than your own!

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