Honoring Friends and Family with Unique Sympathy Gifts

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Ash necklaces

It is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. Finding a tasteful way to keep them close after they pass may seem like a real challenge but it does not have to be. Finding thoughtful, unique sympathy gifts to celebrate their life and legacy is possible. The variety for what is now available is extensive making it possible to customize your items to accurately and honestly reflect the person?s life and personality. As cremation is becoming more and more common, the number of things that can be done with a loved one?s ashes has also grown to reflect all tastes and styles.

Cremation Ash Jewelry

Jewelry, such as memorial necklaces for ashes, has been around for centuries. While the earliest instances of its use date back to the 16th century, it became more readily available during the Victorian Era when new manufacturing techniques made it more affordable. These memorial keepsakes can come in many forms such as cremation necklaces, bracelets and pendants. A cremation pendant is one way to keep someone close to your heart after they pass. These unique sympathy gifts can be as elaborate or simple as your taste dictates. This can be a very tasteful way to keep people we have lost close after they pass.

Other Memorial Keepsakes

Jewelry may not be the best option for everyone but there are other things that can be done with cremation ashes. They can be used to create a wide variety of keepsakes from lamps to statues and candle holders. You are really only limited by your imagination and can pick unique sympathy gifts that really reflect the person and their life.

Affordable Cremation Urns

Cremation has been a fairly common practice since the days of the Roman Empire when elaborate urns were used to house ashes. In recent years, the number of people choosing to be created has jumped about 20%. Cremation urns for ashes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. There are scattering urns and for those who are concerned about the environmental impact, biodegradable cremation urns are available. These can be housed in a public or private space depending on what the person would have wished. If you plan to scatter the ashes, make sure you check with local and state officials to determine what laws and rules may apply to the site where you wish to do this.

Finding the right way to honor someone you love can be hard to do. With so many options and choices available, it should not, however, be difficult to select unique sympathy gifts that show your love and showcase an individual?s unique legacy and life. These should be viewed as ways to celebrate the person, not just focus on the end of their life.

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