How Commercial Sewing is Intertwined With Our Daily

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Despite how little we may think of it, if we ever think of it at all, the products of industrial sewing play a large part in the daily lives of Americans. Sometimes merely decorative, others assisting comfort, there are some points when the work of this industry can be a matter of life and death. Following are some specific examples of industrial sewing that matter to Americans.

  • Movie Theatres No one wants to sit for 2 hours or more in a poorly made theatre seat and a study by RBC showed that many consumers prefer a theater that focuses on improvement of the customer experience. For this simple reason, the selection of industrial sewing companies is important, even if it does not sound too glamorous.
  • Car Seat Belts When seat belt laws were first enacted, people had a wide range of reactions. Now, however, the majority opinion follows the demonstrable fact that seat belts save lives. Industrial sewing techniques, such as industrial fabric die cutting, are used along with specific textiles, to create these valuable strips of fabric.
  • Airplanes : Airplanes are essentially the extreme versions of the previous 2 examples. If sitting in discomfort for 2 hours is bad, how much worse would 12 hours be for those trapped in their seats? In a TripAdvisor poll, 30% of respondents verified this fact by reporting the best way to improve flying would be comfortable seats. These seats often have logos or designs cut out of the fabric, another example of industrial fabric die cutting, and also have to be crafted to serve as flotation devices. Not a matter to entrust to a local tailor. Add to that the seat belts that keep passengers from toppling into the aisle during turbulance, and it is a safe statement that commercial sewing plays a vital, if largely unseen, role in modern life.
  • More examples exist of this ubiquitous industry. Try paying attention and you might begin to wonder how you missed it in the first place.

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