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How a Concrete Service Binds New and Old Materials

Did you know that you can bind old and new concrete? Mostly, it will require the intervention of a concrete service provider if you do not know how to undertake it.

The concrete service provider can easily bond the two, accelerating the project you are working with. However, it is also something that you can learn. Instead of seeking concrete services, you will do it yourself.

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That will help you save some money.

Instead of paying a professional to do the job, you will practically bind the old and new concrete. Such a skill can even propel you to become a concrete service provider. But is there a catch? How do you bind the old and new concrete? There is a systematic procedure that you will need to follow well.

Such a systematic plan will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes. First, you will need to clean the old concrete. This eliminates debris or dirt that might make binding with new concrete hard. But how do you clean it? You can use a pressure wash to help you clean the old concrete. But the acid wash strategy is the most effective way to clean old concrete.

You can learn in this video how you can go about the entire process of cleaning the old concrete before you bind it to the new one.


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