How Can Using a Dedicated Server Benefit You?


You may be contemplating what kind of Minecraft server hosting service is right for you, and want to know more about your options. A dedicated server is a perfect choice for those who want full control over their system and understand that security, performance, capacity, convenience, customer support, and speed are all important factors of a good server. Here, we break down exactly how each of these elements can make your experience with MelonCube’s dedicated servers the best around.


There are many potential cyber threats you can come across with your server, so you need a reliable and secure gaming experience with no interruptions. According to Microsoft, gaming servers are one of the most frequently targeted industries for DDoS attacks. Dedicated servers, however, have DDoS protection and mitigation systems to ward off potential attacks.


You may find yourself in a position where you have to share your bandwidth with other players. A dedicated server supports large amounts of data and has a large bandwidth capacity allowing its users to stream games without interruptions. This higher bandwidth capacity is necessary for extended gameplay and can transfer high data limits without having to share with other users.


No one wants to work with a game server that lags or has trouble supporting certain functions. That is why with a dedicated, server you’ll notice no lag between the responses in the games and the time you input the controls.

Customer Support

With our services, there is also always a qualified staff member ready at any time to give you the quality support you need! Whether you need help setting up your server for the first time or you encounter a problem while using the server, someone will work with you to solve the problem.


High latency is often a problem when using a shared server. This means that when you’re playing online games you experience longer wait times for data to travel, and can even be disconnected from the server. A dedicated server, however, provides a smoother experience for its users by decreasing latency and transmission times.

If you need a server that is going to best suit your needs, a dedicated server just might be the answer you’ve been searching for! MelonCube can help make your gaming experience one you can enjoy with no lags, no interruptions, and high bandwidth capacities. Give us a call today to see what plan might work best for you!

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