How Blister Packaging Encourages Patient Compliance

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Types of blister packaging

When manufacturers and designers are creating products, they must consider the type of packaging they will use to protect and market the product. One of the most popular forms of packaging is blister packaging. While it may not be the most attractive packaging type, blister packaging has many advantages that make it just right for products like medication and cosmetics.

Pharmaceutical blister packaging is one of the best ways to store and sell medication. Individualized openings for pills and tablets allows patients to keep track of when they have taken their medication. One of the best medical packaging techniques, blister packaging prevents broken glass bottles, contamination of tablets not yet taken, and is relatively tamper-proof. Blister packaging protects leftover tablets and allows for a longer shelf-life, and is more portable than medicine packaged in a bottle.

Blister packaging is one of the most practical medical packaging designs. Able to be printed with tracking information, blister packaging lowers instances of distributing medication to the wrong patient. Instructions can be printed on the packaging in bigger, easier-to-read fonts to encourage patient compliance, and blister packaging is also easy to open.

Plastic blister packaging can be used for more than just medication, of course. Its tamper-evident design makes it an obvious choice for cosmetics. Blister packaging also protects products in case they are dropped, keeping cosmetics from breaking in the store and becoming useless to the customer.

In addition to being easy to open and a great way to view products before purchase, blister card packaging is advantageous to manufacturers, too. Some blister packaging is even designed with anti-theft devices, keeping pens, pencils, cosmetics, and action figures safe in their packaging until someone buys them. Blister card packaging is cost-effective and can be extremely environmentally-friendly, as multiple items can be packaged with decreased use of packaging materials.

Blister packaging can be used for a wide variety of products. Easy and inexpensive to manufacture without sacrificing tamper-evident design, it is no wonder that more companies are making the switch to blister packaging for all their marketing and product protection needs. More.

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