Are Forklift Battery Wash Cabinets Worth the Cost?

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There is almost no end to the different pieces of equipment and accessories that can be purchased for your warehouse’s forklift battery room. Because of this, it can be tough to figure out which items are absolutely necessary for the battery room, and which ones just offer a minor convenience.

One piece of warehouse equipment that should never be overlooked is the battery wash cabinet. This item can help ensure that your forklift batteries are washed correctly each time and removes the chance for human error associated with manual battery washing procedures.

Still not sure if it’s worth it for your warehouse to have battery wash equipment like a battery wash cabinet in place? Here are three reasons why it’s important to have a forklift battery washing cabinet in every warehouse battery room:

Improved forklift battery performance

Battery washing is a crucial component when making sure your forklift batteries perform optimally and have the longest lifespan possible. By regularly washing away buildup of sulfuric acid, your batteries’ ability to maintain a charge is preserved. But with manual battery washing, some of this buildup can still be left on the battery’s exterior, hurting battery life — optimally, your forklift batteries should be lasting for about 6,000 hours. To prevent this human error, opt for a battery washing cabinet that will never miss a spot.

Improved battery room safety

Having warehouse personnel wash your forklift batteries by hand can be dangerous work, with the possibility of electrolyte spray, acid spills and other hazards. To prevent your personnel from becoming needlessly endangered, it’s best to invest in a battery wash cabinet that will contain any spills during the washing process and dispose of them properly.

More efficient forklift battery maintenance

Manual battery washing can also be highly time-consuming, preventing personnel from being as productive as they could be throughout the work day. By allowing a machine like the battery wash cabinet to do all the work, personnel can attend to other tasks and duties, boosting efficiency throughout the battery room — and the warehouse as a whole.

Have any other questions for us about making sure your battery wash station performs at its optimal level? Ask us any questions regarding forklift battery washing and maintenance in the comments below.


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